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Spiritual World Existence Of Angels

Spiritual World Existence Of Angels Testimonial Two Invisible Hands
Spiritual World Existence Of Angels : some time ago I began to be interested in the spiritual world, in particular I enjoyed studying in depth the subject of the existence of Angels, and this is how I began to read various books on the subject; at that particular time something happened that I would like to share with you.
You must know that my mum was suffering from heart disease and she also suffered from other ailments that often made her lightheaded and dizzy. This worried me considerably because we lived together and I was trying to make sure I did not leave her alone in the house for extended periods of time, often at the cost of not going on vacation or simply going out for dinner with friends (all of this was not lived by me as a sacrifice, I did it happily, because it was my mum and she was such a sweetheart, she really was a special mum who sacrificed her entire life for her children, to me she was my “Angel without wings”). However, having a job that kept me busy for long periods of time, the vast majority of the day I was not in the house with her and this always made me a little nervous for her, in fact later on, when her condition worsened, we had to find someone to assist her at home.
One morning my mum had one of her dizzy spells and she would have certainly fallen over if “someone” had not propped her up and supported her from the back. In the house were only me and my mum, and I was in the bathroom because I was getting ready to rush to work.
My poor mum immediately told me: “I was about to fall but I felt as if something or someone supported me...” At the time I did not pay much attention to it because I was already late for work, and I did not have much spare time, so I said goodbye rather quickly.
The most incredible thing, however, happened that very same night, when I returned home.
At the end of the evening, as we were getting ready to go to bed, we had turned all the lights off in the house, only leaving the little bed side table light on, next to the bed, and I don’t know how, but I started recollecting the episode in the morning; I asked my mum to tell me once again, in detail, what had happened to her, she told me she was standing up on her feet, and that she was certainly going to fall if she had not felt “two hands” (this is exactly what she said) keeping her up and preventing her from falling on her back, with the easily imaginable consequences that would have happened. Two invisible hands, fore sure, because in the house, as I said, there were only the two of us....
As I finished listening to her, I said: “you know, mum, I really think that it was your Guardian Angel helping you today....” I did not even have the time to finish my sentence when, all of a sudden, the light in the corridor turned itself on, and after a few moments, it turned itself back off again....
I have always thought that in that evening, my mum’s Guardian Angel answered me, in some way.
Spiritual World Existence Of Angels Testimonial Two Invisible Hands are the words from Patrizia
Spiritual World Existence Of Angels
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