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Heaven Help from Heaven Coincidences with Events Presence of Heaven Story

Heaven Help from Heaven Coincidences with Events Presence of Heaven Story
Hello Sara, I already wrote to you last Summer, because I wanted some advice regarding my boyfriend and I .... we left one another for a few reasons, but I went on hoping deep in my heart that he‘d come back because I knew that although we had made mistakes, we still loved each other. Two weeks later I decided to see him to talk about getting together again and so we decided to meet after lunch I went over to him.
That day his words hurt me, because I was hoping that he felt my same emotions too but he didn’t … he preferred being alone. I’m twenty-one and I started going out with him when I was sixteen … in fact he was my everything, on hearing those things I was torn to bits.
After having said goodbye I didn’t go back home, I ran on my own into a meadow and I started crying as I had never done before. I went on asking looking upwards: “Why? Why? Did it ended up like that … It shouldn’t have.” I phoned a friend of mine and my mother, speaking and crying I was very upset … when I “calmed down”, I went back home … but something hit me: the clock hanging on the garage wall (that was there since quite a long time) strangely fell off from the wall and ended on the floor as soon as I went out … (my grandfather told me because he was the only one left at home.) Now it could seem nonsense but maybe I got my answer: “Wait. It’s not the right time yet.” For me that meant: “It’s not all over.”
Although my boyfriend’s words hurt me, I had some little hope, because he said it was too early to understand what he really wanted … It was a month later and I wanted to know! Although I feared his answer. 
One evening I was speaking with a friend of mine, on facebook, who encouraged me to send him a mail asking my boyfriend for a “definite” answer. It was 1 o’clock a.m. and it was hard for me to write that mail … It was hard to write things from my heart, but most of all it was hard to press “ENTER” ... with my heart pounding I pressed and I started crying because I knew the answer was negative. Just then I felt the bed sink. I was frightened to death!!! I wondered: “What the hell is it?” I was completely dark, the only light was the one on my computer .... I turned it towards the end of my bed and I saw my sister (she sleeps on the bed next to mine) … at that point I said to her: “What are you doing here? I nearly had a heart attack!”... she muttered something … I didn’t understand very well, worst luck, but the strange thing is that she got up but still sleeping … that is, as a sleepwalker, she sat down next to me right when I sent the mail and after two seconds she disappeared … she went back to sleep in her bed. I don’t know if that was a coincidence too, but I’m sure that someone wanted to be near me at that time which was difficult for me.
Now we are together again and when I look back on the past I’m sure they wanted to be near me … they were trying to convince me that everything would have been alright in the future … thank you for having listened to me and thank you to you who help us from Heaven!
Title   Heaven Help from Heaven Coincidences with Events Presence of Heaven Story
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