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Guardian Angels Guide and Support

Guardian Angels Guide and Support A Heart of Water Story
Guardian Angels Guide and Support : hello Sara, my Guardian Angel, (I really would like to know if it’s a girl or a boy) got in touch with me for the second time, not by means of words, but he/she drew a heart of rain on the asphalt; I was really angry that morning, my job was getting worse and worse and I was in an awkward place, the thing is that I started to feel very nervous, my legs were wobbling like jelly and then while I was walking I saw the HEART OF WATER, right then I understood that my Angel was listening to me and that I was going to get some news. In fact that’s what happened, when I got to the place I work, I was told I was going to go back where I was before, I was happy and I still am.
When I’m feeling particulary emotional, my Angel supports and guides my steps on the asphalt drawing hearts although it hasn’t rained and the sky’s clear, otherwise I find a little heart made of pebbles on the beach. I know you may thing that’s strange, but I assure you it’s wonderful and I’m very sorry I can’t speak to him like you can with a friend. As for me I always sponsor them. It would be very nice to meet them like some other people do. Maybe I don’t deserve it. Who knows!!! That’s my everyday life story, I really wanted to let you know. Thank you for having read my letter.
Guardian Angels Guide and Support A Heart of Water Story are words from Maria
Guardian Angels Guide and Support
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