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My Angel's Attendance In Human Form

My Angel’s Attendance In Human Form My Guardian Angel Comes To Help Me
My Angel’s Attendance In Human Form : dear Sara, I have received your reply with great emotion, I want to thank you and confirm that realizing the numerous coincidences in my life have given me great happiness, like getting to know my Angel’s name; now I’d like to tell you about when I had a strong feeling that my Guardian Angel took part to help me.
If you think it’s worth reading and it corresponds to a real Angel’s attendance you can put it on your Site as a witness.
Well, one evening in 2001-2002 I was going home from work, unluckily it was snowing, there was a snowstorm. It was very cold, so the snow immediately formed a layer of ice. I had to ride in a dark, narrow country lane and with a ditch on one side.
I went off having goose pimples and being very worried. After a short length of path, I braked and my car went off the road onto the side of the ditch, luckily not poised. I didn’t know what to do. In fact a wrong movement of my car would have made it slip further down. The road was narrow and cars were coming along on the other side of the road. They could have run me over, because they couldn’t see me.
So I stopped to wonder and to get an idea, anyway I wanted to get off and ask for help, but he cars on the other side of the road gave no signs of decreasing. Just then a man with a helmet on appeared, I hadn’t seen him arrive, anyway I couldn’t see his face through the window. He was standing and holding a very little motorbike. He hinted to make me turn the steering wheel towards the right, my engine was off, he pushed my car a bit and I got onto the lane again. He hinted me to drive away still not speaking, I didn’t see if he left, I didn’t see him leaving.
I told many people about this, without speaking about Angels, but everyone has noticed the strangeness and exceptionality of the event, in fact the snow was frozen and it was a very narrow and dark country lane with a snowstorm going on, nobody would have ventured with a very little motorbike and although they would have tried to, they couldn’t have reached me simply because they couldn’t have stayed in balance, and if they could, they could have been run over seeing it was dark. So they were all puzzled and amazed every time I told them about it.
I got the answer in my heart, because I felt my Angel’s attendance who took a human form as not to scare me, in fact when I pray, I always ask Him to make me feel His presence but not to exaggerate, because I’m very sensitive and I could be scared.
Thank you for having read my emails, a hug, bye for now
My Angel’s Attendance In Human Form My Guardian Angel Comes To Help Me are words from Norma
My Angel’s Attendance In Human Form
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