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Medal with Image of Madonna of the Crown

Medal with Image of Madonna of the Crown Testimonial
Medal with Image of Madonna of the Crown : my name is Anna Maria and the testimonial I am about to share, even for those without a very strong faith, is going to seem incredible; I am a friend of Sara, and thanks to our friendship I have been able to explore in depth my relationship with the Sky through the contact with my Guardian Angel and metaphony, or EVPs; for those who are not familiar with the latter, I shall explain it briefly, it’s the contact with our loved one in the Sky through the use of a recording device and a radio, however, there are other means to communicate with their Dimension, and one of them is automatic writing, on this subject, Sara had loaned me a book that is nothing other than the documentation of a post-death communication relationship between a mum and a dad who had lost their much loved son, Emilio Crispo, due to a car accident.
On Father’s day, the mother of my husband, Fabio, was not feeling well, it became necessary to take her to the emergency room to apply a temporary pace maker. While I was waiting home, I was waiting for the phone call from my husband, I still did not know what was wrong with her, I was truly anguished. In addition to the personal relationship I had with her, there was also the issue that a few years back I had already lost my own mother after a long illness, and anything of this kind took me back to those painful days and triggered panic inside me. I was in a state that was very similar to the one back then when I sought to make contact with the Sky through metaphony or EVP, and my anxiety only allowed me to hear the word “heart”, nothing else. So, while I was praying, I entrusted the health of Fabio’s mother to the Madonna.
On the eve of the surgery for the application of the permanent pace maker, my husband went to bed before me, he had a long day ahead of him; I stayed up and I was getting ready any things that he could possibly need for the following day. Usually, before I go to bed, since I do not work and I wake up after him, I always leave him a little greeting note. That night, I decided to offer some additional encouragement by inviting him to carry a little holy image with him, to keep as a symbol of Protection, not for superstition.
IT was a copy of the medal with the image of the Madonna of the Crown (with the plea) which we had also given to our god daughter on her baptism, on the 8th of December a few years back. I went to bed convinced that I had done all this, and so I started to read the book about Emilio Crispo. I saw one of the many messages directed to his mother, his words encouraged his mother in a crucial moment of her life to carry with her the holy image of the Madonna of the Crown, and not to treat is a fetish. I nearly jumped, I also immediately realized that I never actually did add the image to Fabio’s little greetings note. But the extraordinary part of this does not end here …. After the surgery ended, as the doctors say, as well as it could possibly go, my mother in law told me a wonderful thing. It had been two days since her surgery to apply the pace maker, she was still alone in her intensive care room and by then the last of the anesthetic had worn off, she was getting ready to have her breakfast with a newly found serenity since she was no longer inhibited in her movements, and suddenly (she exclaimed this with great conviction) she saw the image of a beautiful female voice, surrounded by a white light, with long wavy hair, smiling gently at her, and she believed that was the Madonna.
Fabio’s mother is a devoted faithful of the Virgin, but she does not observe regularly her religion, however, in parallel to this she has her own Faith of a practical ad concrete nature; this marriage of faiths has pulled her through very tough moments thanks to her spirit of resilience. Moreover, this way, she is able to distinguish very clearly the difference between the vision of something of an extraordinary nature from a hallucination.
In those days I continued with my usual metaphony or EVP exercises, and I had this doubt in my mind about the authenticity of her good faith and her interpretation. During the usual recording I did not even have time to formulate the question that the first few words from the Sky already confirmed what my mother in law Antonietta had seen, it was the reassurance of our Celestial Mother, and that I was told the exact location the Madonna was in, she was standing near the window of the hospital room.
When I saw Antonietta again, this was the first thing that she rushed to tell me, and in her enthusiasm in telling her story, she did not even realize that I anticipated to her the location of the subject of her vision.
A detail of this story that should not be ignored is that Antonietta completely ignored everything I said.
All this that happened, in addition to opening up even more me heart to my Faith, has reassured me on the fact that we are not alone, and even when we can no longer feel the help from the Sky due to our suffering, I have been reassured that there is value in prayer: even the most spontaneous prayer mobilizes with more love the entire Sky, at all levels.
And then the old saying “help yourself that God will help you” fits the person of Antonietta very well, because in addition to praying, she has never allowed herself to feel defeated by adversity, and she has always reacted by honoring the gift that the Father has given us, she is always positive even at the young age of 81 years, and she continues to be friendly and lively and proactive.
I feel I do not need to add any more comments, other than my most sincere and loving wishes for a holy Easter, may it bring great hope and constant approach to the Sky, through the knowledge that we can give and receive a lot of Love.
Medal with Image of Madonna of the Crown Testimonial are words from Anna Maria
Medal with Image of Madonna of the Crown
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