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God's Angel Guardian Angels Approaching

God’s Angel Guardian Angels Approaching The Guardian Angel
God’s Angel Guardian Angels Approaching : today you are going to read a tender and meaningful witnessing; Francesca’s heart expresses her joy of its opening at the beginning, the grief of receiving an opinion that would make our hearts close and then feeling something that makes us express the need of a little sign of a presence and the reality, the reality that our Angel is moving in our hearts (especially in her mother’s friend’s one) to make His signs of Love reach her. Listen to Francesca
Hello Sara, I wanted to write about my very little but very meaningful witnessing.
Last year I discovered your Site and I started to read it, finding it very interesting. I read the part about Guardian Angels very carefully. I’m a believer although I don’t often go to Mass, but I pray to Our Lord every night and I have always said a prayer to my Guardian Angel and thanks to your guiding, I’m approaching my Angel more and more.
During the following months I tried to keep this regained relationship going with my Angel, regained because I know He has always been there although I often have forgotten about Him.
But just some day after having read your guide I spoke about Angels with a friend of mine. She said that she didn’t believe in that and that she thought that there is no Angel near us. That night I felt, not really discouraged, but mostly sad and speaking with my Angel, I asked Him if I could have had a little sign of His and of other Angel’s presence.
Well, two days later I got His reply: I received an anniversary wedding keep-safe and among the various possible things that they chose as a wedding keep-safe, there was a little Angel in my little box. If that wasn’t enough, after a couple of days my mother’s friend gave me a present, she said that she thought of me just looking at it, it was a candle with an Angel touching the world.
I think these two coincidences weren’t by chance, they were deliberately wanted by my Angel as a reply to my request.
God’s Angel Guardian Angels Approaching The Guardian Angel are words from Francesca
God’s Angel Guardian Angels Approaching
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