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Death The First Instances Before Death

Death The First Instances Before Death Heaven Appears Love appears
Death The First Instances Before Death : during life one needs to have material and spiritual experiences to complete his/her baggage; some unexplainable events are the evidence ; my grandfather was suffering from arteriosclerosis for a year and he wasn’t always lucid, he used to call his wife mum; at the age of ninety-one he didn’t feel well and in the last period of his life my grandmother noticed that he was speaking with someone, but she couldn’t understand what he was saying and with who he was speaking; what surprised her was his peaceful expression and his mouth always seemed smiling, sweetly and serene.
When He was lucid my grandmother, being curious about his behavior, asked him: “Who are you speaking to?” 
“With my mother and other Souls who are judging me. They have postponed my arrival there for twenty-four hours.”
My grandmother couldn’t believe it and went on doing her housework; what really impressed her was that exactly twenty-four hours later my grandfather died with the same peacefulness on his face, aware of going into a better world near his beloved ones.
After having published this witnessing I received other ones and I’m going to share them with you all
Anna wrote “My mother too during the last period of her life, told me she saw my father and her beloved ones and while she was talking with them she smiled. She said she saw her sister who had died the year before and, recently, a friend of mine’s mother had died and this friend told me the same thing. Her mother used to see her son who died ten years before. Her mother was stuck in bed since many months during which she used to reassure everyone that it wasn’t time for her to leave them. During the last period she started to see her son and she died on the same day in the same month as him.”
Giusy wrote “My mother has been a witness of an extraordinary thing years ago too. She went to see one of my sister-in-law’s grandfather who was ill. They saw him gesticulate. It seemed he was speaking with someone. His son was there too who asked him who he was speaking to and he replied that he was speaking with his wife (who had died years before) who was telling him to join her “because she had prepared him a place,” and he asked: “How come, seeing that he was in bed?”, after a short time he died. It’s true, we aren’t alone when we pass beyond …
Simoncina wrote I remember my mother’s last hours. She rolled her eyes (maybe the effect of the morphine, I don’t know) then she muttered something until she didn’t say “mum … dad …” clearly. I was happy to know that they were near her. After her passing on, her face had another peaceful and enlightened expression. She looked as if she was reborn.
Naty wrote The day before passing on my father had an enraptured expression … He told us that he could see our mother and he spoke to her!!! He said to us. “Your mum’s really beautiful!” and then he added: “Pray” … I’ll never forget the expression on his face. After his passing on, his face was peaceful, reassuring, as if he wanted to say to us. “I’m alright now. I’m with your mother!” I love you both and you’ll always be in my heart". Your daughter.
Marina wrote La grandmother who passed on when she was ninety-three spoke during her last years with many of her relatives who had “passed on” a long time before too. At that time I wasn’t living in Sicily, and every time I went away I used to ask her: “Granny are you sure I’ll find you here next time I come back? … wait for me!” And she used to say … “Don’t worry … it’s not time yet". The last time I saw her, I was going to leave and as usual I asked her: “Well then granny, how are you getting on? You’ll wait for me, won’t you?” And she replied: “It won’t take long, my mother (that is, my dead great grandmother, when my grandma was seven) is getting my room ready because she knows I’m going there.” I left worrying and while I was travelling along Italy by car I had a premonition and I said to my husband: “ I know I’ll never see my grandmother alive anymore.” … In fact one month later my granny passed on peacefully and I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to her once again. But three days later she came to say hallo to me.
Gigliola wrote “Great! My grandfather spoke with my dead grandmother before dying too and he sang! One day I asked him why he was singing and he said that he was looking at my grandmother in the Angels’ chorus, but he described her being younger! Anyway, he spent the night singing and speaking! He died the following day!
Sara wrote “I noticed that someone from Heaven had come into our room, the one where I was with my mother, when I heard her talking the first time … we had been sent from the other hospital, that hospital where a week later she died … What I heard were words of a speech that had already started, when she suddenly replied: “No, I was a housewife” As if that entity, according to the way she was looking, was getting to know her … It seemed as if I was in one of those series of “The touch of an Angel” where the Angel of Death starts to make friends with the Soul it is going to take to Heaven … well, I didn’t know that she was still going to stay only for a few days on Earth … Sometimes I used to speak to her mentally and after a bit she used to look at me and reply, she had heard me. She was already living a bit inside and a bit outside of her body … and then she spent her last hours speaking with my grandmother who had come to be next to her while passing on too … and now she’s a Soul in Heaven.”
Anna wrote “Three years ago like today, my bother-in-law was dying while he was only forty-one! He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t move, he was suffering a lot, having suffered two terrible illnesses: multiple sclerosis and leukaemia! That morning he had a hemorrhage. Suddenly, he started staring and nodding! I wondered how come now he could moving well and a few minutes before he couldn’t! So I put my hand on his shoulder and asked him who he was talking to. He turned towards me, but he couldn’t speak, I saw a lot of peacefulness in his eyes! He turned back again and went on nodding! He died in the afternoon. His illness had made his hands become like wood, he couldn’t open them. After he died, he went back having lovely hands and a smile on his lips!
Death The First Instances Before Death Heaven Appears Love appears
Death The First Instances Before Death
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