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A Supernatural Help From My Guardian Angel

A Supernatural Help From My Guardian Angel Being Afraid Of My Exam
A Supernatural Help From My Guardian Angel : hi, everyone, I’m back to tell you about another episode of my Guardian Angel; about two years ago I was going to take an exam for a Master, on that morning I got up and I was starting to make coffee, being afraid of the exam I was going to take; while I was preparing my coffee, spontaneously I started to speak with my Guardian Angel “listen, you know I have studied, but all the same, I’m terrified for my exam, help me, spiritually or please appear, anyway help me!!!” when I finished this prayer I just forgot about it.
When I got to the place I was going to take my exam I noticed that the other students came near me, spoke to me, but then they went away. You can imagine how I felt.
Just ten minutes before going in, a young girl came up to me, Licia. We started to speak and we discovered that we both belonged to the same group. We agreed to help one another. Nothing strange about that!
In the exam room Licia and I sat next to one another. We had decided that first each one of us was going to write on our own and then we were going to compare what we had written. We didn’t!
As soon as we started to answer the questions I only replied to three questions out of thirty, because Licia didn’t give me any time: she answered the questions aloud with a supernatural speed. It seemed as if she didn’t even read the question, but she knew the answer.
At the end of the exam we left together. I was so obliged to her for her supernatural help.
In the evening at home thinking about the exam I remembered that in the morning I had asked my Guardian Angel to help me, spiritually or appearing.
He had really appeared with a supernatural speed!
A great kiss to my Guardian Angel.
Pray faithfully!
A Supernatural Help From My Guardian Angel Being Afraid Of My Exam are words from Emilia
A Supernatural Help From My Guardian Angel
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