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An Angel's Intervention Do Good Deeds

An Angel’s Intervention Do Good Deeds And You’ll Get Good Deeds
An Angel’s Intervention Do Good Deeds : hello Sara, I’m writing to tell you about what happened to a dear friend of mine; on March 26th she was going to an office with her sister, fortunately on that morning they immediately found a car park, it’s not easy in the town centre; both feeling happy they got out of the car; my friend saw an old lady on the other side of the street leaning against a building, she went up to her and asked her if she was feeling alright; the lady said she felt very tired, but she had to reach the hospitality house where she lived; it was not very far from there, but she really couldn’t walk, so my friend and her sister immediately got their car and took her there; the lady thanked them from the bottom of her heart while getting off the car with tears in her eyes and she kissed them saying they were two Angels!
They were happy because the lady had left them a wonderful feeling, that kiss, that “Thank you with all my heart” filled their hearts …
After a short time my friend went to hospital to have a check up, when an old man went up to her and asked her if she had had her driving license renewed … she didn’t understand why he asked her that and said. “Yes.” … When she got back home she went on thinking about the old man’s words, so she checked her driving license … well, it had expired even a few months ago!
She immediately phoned me to tell me what had happened … she clearly said that that was an Angel’s intervention! It couldn’t have been something else!!! Her phone call made me get goose pimples and I immediately told her that I would have told you about her story and so she said it was OK for her.
I don’t know if you’ll publish it or not, anyway it was a wonderful Angel’s intervention!
A hug to you, my dear. I always read your Site!
An Angel’s Intervention Do Good Deeds And You’ll Get Good Deeds are words of Luana
An Angel’s Intervention Do Good Deeds
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