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I Met My Guardian Angel Before Suicide

My Angel I Met My Guardian Angel Before Suicide Story
I Met My Guardian Angel Before Suicide : hello Sara, my name’s Enza Maria and I’m writing to tell you about when I saw my Guardian Angel for the first time; I must say that since I was twenty-one my life has become terrible, I married a man I didn’t love, I have got two children, and after ten years I decided to take up the courage and leave him and go and live with the man I have always loved bringing my children with me.
After some ups and downs of this new living together, our temporary union ended, but after a few months we went on going out together almost like two real lovers. This went on for ten years. So, during this time the only people suffering were me and my children who I stupidly compelled to suffer along with me.
All this happened when in 2005 I started to see that my companion had another relationship, but he went on denying it and so our furious quarrels began.
In August 2009 exactly on August 9th we had such a terrible quarrel and I had tried to commit suicide more than once, that day I was more convinced than ever and that’s where my Guardian Angel’s story starts, my Angel who I had learnt to call and evoke every time I needed since 2006, I had bought a book called. “An Angel next to You When and How to meet Him”.
Well, on August 9th 2009 around about 1.30 p.m. I left home crying, saying goodbye to my son hugging him strongly for a long time and trying to make him understand that he wouldn’t have seen me anymore. I went to a square in my town where you can see a wonderful landscape from an ancient and high castle, in some parts it’s ten meters high and that’s where I went and sat down in an ideal position to dive into the empty space. While I went on crying, I was praying God to forgive me for what I was going to do and to go on looking after my children. At that point I started to lean out and get ready to jump, just then there were about thirty-eight / forty degrees centigrade and the wind wasn’t blowing, but right then while I was going to jump down I saw my shadow on the ground and I felt a slight fresh breeze that touched me, and I heard my son’s voice calling me, so I stopped for a second thinking it was my imagination. I stood up and I crossed myself, I looked down where I would have fallen and … behind my shadow there was another one behind mine, two wings and a head and a hand on my shoulder, so being surprised seeing that image I looked around to see if a plant or a palm tree was obscuring my shadow but there were no plants or palm trees near me but only further away, and they couldn’t cross my shadow. So instead of being sad, I started to feel confused waking up from a nightmare, I felt like someone who gets slapped in the face to wake up and it was just like that, I understood that that image wasn’t a dream nor a hallucination but my Angel who had stopped me. So I got off the wall and headed for home where my son on seeing me again started to cry and said: “I knew you were coming back.”
Since that day my life started shinning again. Now I’m happy with my children and I have left that man forever … I have regain myself.
My Angel I Met My Guardian Angel Before Suicide Story are words from Enza Maria
My Angel I Met My Guardian Angel Before Suicide
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