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Dreams News From The Hereafter

Dreams News From The Hereafter A Message From Heaven
Dreams News From The Hereafter : dear Sara Luce, I’m writing to you again to tell you about a personal experience of mine that I have always considered a message from Heaven; you must know that on Dec 11th 2005 my mother passed on; I was born on May 11th. Some time before her death I dreamt that both of us were in a sort of monastery; each one of us was holding a suitcase and I felt as if we were going somewhere, but I didn’t understand who of us two was “arriving” or was going to leave.
When my mother died, seeing the coincidence of the dates, I gave a particular meaning to my dream: I was the one who arrived on 11th and on the other hand she went away.
A few months later I dreamt of my mother ... she was smiling and I ran towards her to hug her, but she turned towards me and gave me some rosebuds to put on a coffin. Obviously I started stepping backwards and I said I didn’t want it, but she went on giving it me so I took it.
Nine months go by, the evening of 9th November 2006 I once again dream of my mother. This time she is stern, serious, and she tells me firmly “Be careful”. The following evening, after work, I say goodbye to my colleagues and I leave the studio. I don’t remember much else, other than waking up in a hospital … I had been run over …. I was given up for dead …. They did not know if I was going to live through the night … however after exactly 11 days I returned back home …..
I still don’t remember what happened, only the dream of my mother warning me … again … and also obviously protecting me
A hug of light
Dreams News From The Hereafter A Message From Heaven are words from Annalisa
Dreams News From The Hereafter A Message From Heaven
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