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Guardian Angel A Letter To My Angel Agnese

Guardian Angel A Letter To My Angel Agnese The Story
Guardian Angel A Letter To My Angel Agnese : my sweet Angel, I want to write to you, me who always writes, I can never find the time to thank you the right way I should do, last year has been a lovely one with you, since I have got to know Sara’s Site, many things have happened, I have wrote to get help for someone, but it was me who received the great help. In the meantime, while I was reading the messages, for hours, the answers, I was starting to feel you next to me, my first caress on my face, how exciting, I was really happy, and then I went on feeling you continuously near me every time I called you, and your help, many, material and spiritual and your voice in the dreams, and in the recordings, when I asked you repeatedly for the name and you replied, Agnese, Agnese! and when I am in the car and I turn on the radio the music always brings me back to the same song "you have islands in your eyes", the first time you made me hear it was when I asked for a sign of your presence, now it's a permanent feature that keeps repeating exactly each time that I turn on the radio.
I feel your very strong love, your tenderness, your comprehension without being judged, your always being there and anyway even during my agitated nights, during the nights I don’t know where we are travelling together to. I feel Our Father inside my heart thanks to you, to the infinite love I have found again since my childhood, when I wasn’t afraid of anything, listening to the voices that taught me about knowledge; then you know that my course has been very hard, painful and sometimes reached the limit of endurance, but now I realize I have had experiences of Love, hate to understand my brothers, I have taken charge of so many things, to feel their heart, now that I understand many things, I know that each event has a meaning in the logic of supreme Love.
You know I have been very weak lately, I’m not afraid of dying, on the other hand, that day will be fantastic, seeing you again and embracing Our Father, Jesus and all the Souls who are helping me grow and change, but pain often wakens the Soul and I have been able to help others anymore, neither by praying, nor by having time and being available, but please help me to feel well, because my great desire is to get back to what I have had interrupted.
Now I want to thank you for the messages I receive by the recordings, although you sweetly tell me off and tell me not to smoke, for every white butterfly I find everywhere I go, to have let me heard the voices of my animals, to caress me continuously even when I’m working hard and I’m nervous because I’m tired, but my heart is looking for you all the same. You know I call the kitten we have save, and that looks for me as if I were its mother with your name, it’s a way to feel you nearer to me, seeing that I can’t speak to just anyone about your existence and cry out that I know, I feel the infinite Love of Heaven, call you in a loud give me strength and relief. Always stay next to me. I love you.
Guardian Angel A Letter To My Angel Agnese The Story are words of Marianna
Guardian Angel A Letter To My Angel Agnese The Story
Guardian Angel A Letter To My Angel Agnese
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