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Guardian Angel A Guardian Angel's Voice A Warning

Guardian Angel A Guardian Angel’s Voice A Warning
Hello Sara, my name’s Anna and I’ve got seventeen months old twins … not long ago I discovered your site ... and not long ago I approached God ... I can’t find peace deep in my heart and life scares me a bit ... anyway let’s get back to what happened yesterday: Antonio Pio was sleeping while Luca Pio was playing in his bedroom ... I was tidying up the house my bedroom precisely ... I went into the kitchen where I always keep the balcony door closed, fifth floor and where I put things, forgetting to close the door ... I went back into the bedroom and while I was making my bed I heard a voice saying: "You have left the door open.” ... I dashed into the kitchen and found my son out on the balcony ... he could have climbed up on the balcony ... Thank God that my've avoided this tragedy
Title: Guardian Angel A Guardian Angel’s Voice A Warning
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