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Angel Meeting An Angel And My Mother's Death

Angel Meeting An Angel And My Mother’s Death experiences
Angel Meeting An Angel And My Mother’s Death : hi, I want to tell you about when I met an Angel, my mum was in hospital owing to a curable illness, but instead of getting better she got worse and worse, her medicines damaged every vital organ and in the meantime she was always in bed and went on getting worse and worse.
She didn’t speak anymore, she was sad, angry, resigned, she didn’t want to eat, nor anything else …
I was on my own … I asked my family to help to me, but they couldn’t, they said … all they had to do was go and see her for an hour to divert her … I asked whoever to help me … my father is dead too … I asked her friends too … the Priest … I was desperate. I saw her letting herself go more and more physically and spiritually.
I told her to go on having Faith … I let her listen to classical music … the Hail Maries … I showed her Pope Wojitila’s photos, she was very fond of him, nothing … she fell asleep and when she woke up you could see terror in her eyes.
I didn’t want her to be so troubled.
Three days before she departed a beautiful lady in white with a pink jacket and a delicate and bright smile came into her room.
A nurse? No.
A volunteer? Neither.
She caressed her and said that she was going up to the Chapel and that she would have prayed for her … I followed her. I didn’t dare go in …
That day my mum had had a heart attack, but she had been reanimated and she was lucid and sitting up on her bed.
This lovely lady came in and caressed her again and went to pray for her … she caressed my face.
At five o’clock a.m. I got a phone call from the hospital.
“Your mother’s very bad, come quickly.”
I got there and saw the beautiful lady at 5.30 a.m. beside the bed of another patient who was seriously ill in the next room.
She greeted me as usual, she was full of light and love.
She said: “Hello Sabina, why are you crying dear?”
And I replied: “Mum is leaving me …”
She said: “You mustn’t cry, my dear, … no, be peaceful … I’ll come to you later …
She said that while she was caressing the seriously ill and unconscious man who was in bed.
She came in while my mother was dying and I was there sitting next to her and holding her hand … my mother wasn’t conscious, yet I’m not sure she wasn’t …
She caressed her and said to me that she had been already there with my mother … months ago … since she had gone to hospital the first time and had been very ill owing to a breathing crisis … she called her by her name, both of her Christian names that only a few people know, because she had been baptized with two Christian names, but she had got only one at the Registry Office … and said my name. 
My mother departed …
We were desperate … my cousin, my husband and me …
She arrived, always waking as if dancing, she embraced me very tightly and she kissed us all.
She said. “You know where you can find me If you need me.”…
The Priest arrived and we prayed for my mother.
I asked other long-stay patients if they knew that lady and they said they had never seen her.
I had been with my mother everyday from morning to night and I had never seen her before … 
That lady was an Angel … an Angel who prepared us for her journey … who had filled up my fears, my loneliness and bridged the Faith I saw my mother seemed to have lost … 
An Angel went with her … she had prayed for her … and I prayed with Her …
My mother already knew deep in her heart that that was going to happen … the doctors were shattered by what happened, but that night a wonderful doctor was on charge, such a believer, that he didn’t leave my mother alone …  
He told us that he understood that my mother needed him near her … to reassure her … and so he stayed with her …
This is my witnessing
Thank you.
Angel Meeting An Angel And My Mother’s Death experiences was told by Sabina
Angel Meeting An Angel And My Mother’s Death experiences
Angel Meeting An Angel And My Mother’s Death
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