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Help From My Guardian Angel Episodes

Help From My Guardian Angel Episodes Of Life Stories
Help From My Guardian Angel Episodes : dear Sara, this is the first time I have ever done such a thing like this: write an email to someone I don’t know well, but I think it’s time I put my fears away and share my experience with others and take part giving some confidence to people in distress or in crisis; let’s get to the point, I think I’ve been helped by my Guardian Angel during my life too and three times realistically. I’ll try to explain; I’ve got two wonderful little daughters and three other children who has flew up in Heaven while I was still expecting them, my first daughter was about five, owing to my job, we moved to the North, it was hard and traumatic, but my husband and I faced it courageously, I was distressed and frightened, I had only been out of town for short holidays before and I felt bad having to move to some place I didn’t know at all; I think that the first year Our Lord wanted to give me a present by means of my Guardian Angel at Christmas time, I just love perfumes and creams, but I couldn’t afford many, one evening while coming back home with my daughter, I met a man on a bike near my gate who said he was a cosmetics agent and was giving out some samples popping them into letter boxes, he asked me to open the gate for him and then gave me loads of samples thanking me, then I found others in my letter box, they were so many that now after ten years I’ve still got some, they were of all brands, as I said, it was Christmas time, that’s why my family went out in the evening to buy presents, I was so impressed about that episode, that I asked in a shop about giving out samples at that time, they told me nobody had been allowed to give out samples of all brands in town so I thought it was a gift from God to cuddle me at hard times.
The second thing goes back to Christmas time too, but maybe the following year. I was at the station at night with my husband and my daughter going back home from our Christmas holidays. It was very cold, there were many people and our little girl was very tired. The train arrived and my husband was busy with the suitcases and couldn’t help me with our little girl. I struggled onto the train and dragged my duffle bag, I was carrying, so I turned and saw a young boy who reassured me saying he was going to help me. So I managed to calm down and I turned around to thank him but there was nobody behind me! He didn’t even double me while getting on! I looked for him in the wagons, while I was sitting down, he had disappeared! I think it was really my Guardian Angel!
The last episode goes back to a year ago. I was diagnosed thyroid cancer and I underwent surgery on thyroidectomy. One afternoon I was alone in hospital and I was very sad. Suddenly I felt a caress on my legs, but the sheets didn’t move, so I was frightened and I moved. Immediately I felt a caress on my other leg and I moved again. Immediately I thought my Angel was there to stay with me and to cheer me up, he wanted to show me he was there!
I hope these episodes of mine can help someone, they may give hope and remind everyone of Our Lord’s Love for everyone of us.
Thank you for this opportunity
Help From My Guardian Angel Episodes Of Life Stories was told by Mariarosaria
Help From My Guardian Angel Episodes Of Life Stories
Help From My Guardian Angel Episodes
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