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Coincidences Death and Fate Stories

Coincidences Death And Fate Stories
Coincidences Death And Fate : dear Sara, I want to tell you about some of my mother’s death coincidences that took place three years ago, which I consider rather unusual.
I met my ex boyfriend at the end of 2008 by chance and owing to my job. He’s so different to me that thinking over it, I wouldn’t have ever decide to go out with him. He was determined to meet my mother. I didn’t agree seeing that we had met since a shot time and I thought that was strange.
So after insisting, I invited him to my mother’s for Easter and so he met her!
About two months later almost at the end of a morning he had to go for a job interview at a stand at the seaside ( the others didn’t turn up ) just opposite the place the accident happened, he went there and immediately recognised my mother.
I was supposed to reach her after dinner … and I’d have heard about her accident in another way …
I used to speak with my mother on the phone several times a day, that day I was just going to phone her, but something strangely stopped me.
I had the urge to hear her, but immediately it disappeared …. it had never happened before ...
He walked into my life because that was his task, not to mention that due to his job he was supposed to know policemen, journalists and lawyers and he helped me with the distressing formalities.
I left him five months later without bothering about how our relationship started. Anyway I wasn’t in love with him, but now I see why we were going out together.
A week after my mother had died, I was sitting outside a café with a friend of mine It was Summer and there were lots of tourists.
I kept on passing from distress to an inner peacefulness.
It was like as if a Divine Hand had moved my chemistry making me feel as if I were hanging between Heaven and Earth and full of Love.
That’s what I felt like while I was speaking with my friend talking about what had happened and as usual I couldn’t find my lighter. She doesn’t smoke, so I asked the waiter to fetch me one. After having looked for one in the café, he asked a customer sitting outside near us. Well, he handed me a lighter like the one my mother brought me from her holiday in Berlin and it was the same colour too. I had paid part of her plane ticket too.
That was a wonderful message for me and considering the loads of brands, colours, shapes and counties, I thought it was a strange coincidence.
Some time before my mother left me she told me she thought that a guy I knew since I was a child, a friend of my brother’s and with whom she often spoke with, was the right man for me.
I obviously said that seeing that she liked him very much, she would have liked to see him as the man of my life, but if I wasn’t going out with him, it was because he wasn’t interested in me and so on.
Although I liked him, I had always considered him a friend or like a brother, but not as someone to go out with. Every now we used to only meet at some friends’ house .
Since two years, we are just happy!!!
Something has pushed us towards one another. Eight months my mother’s accident he insisted to met me again. When we met I didn’t even slightly image what was going to happen .. One day while I was tidying up I thought of him … I didn’t understand why and I wondered: “Why am I think of him like this?!?” I was surprised about myself! A week later we kissed and there were tears in our eyes … we felt a mysterious force … fate … a relationship of Souls ... happiness and astonishment for the unexpected .... He told me that after our first meeting, he had had a psychical talk with my mother who encouraged him to look after me … in fact after my mother’s death my relatives were against me, doing all what she didn’t wish for me.
My mother was right about this fellow, but years before I was absolutely convinced of the contrary.
I can’t understand how people consider things like these simple and pure coincidences with no value, being sure that when someone is shattered for having lost a beloved one, he or she is able to attribute a bond with a dead Soul or with an Angel to any event.
They consider it weakness, madness!!! It’s a shame these people are afraid and are embarrassed when they have to get deprived of reason to let their heart lead them in such circumstances, while in other circumstances they don’t realize how their low instincts lead them to do and think of things without ratio and that are often destroying.
Thank you for your attention.
A hug
Coincidences Death And Fate Stories was told by Francesca
Coincidences Death And Fate Stories
Coincidences Death And Fate
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