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Saved By An Angel Car Accident

Saved By An Angel Car Accident Rescued By An Angel


Saved By An Angel Car Accident : hello Sara I have stumbled upon your site by accident, through a search on Google, I read the various testimonials and I would like to tell you what happened to me almost 15 years ago, I still remember it as if it happened yesterday, actually I don’t know if it was the help from the Sky, but this is the only way I am able to make any sense of it; both of us had just celebrated our 18th Anniversary three weeks prior, and my friend had a drivers license and the new car, and it was one of the first times that we took it for a drive, that we could even do this, going freely, we were excited and full of confidence, and perhaps the excessive enthusiasm or the carelessness of my friend was what caused us to have a terrible car accident.


It was not late, it was about five in the afternoon, the road was moist because that morning it had been raining, and the rest of the day was overcast, it was the end of October, he went around a curve too fast, lost control of the car and we drove off the road, our car was aiming directly at a large tree that was located a few yards from the side of the road.


I remember the fear, I was paralyzed, my friend screamed, the only thing I thought of is that I was going to die, and I closed my eyes.


The impact was very violent and destructive, and then there was just darkness. When I opened my eyes again I woke back up, incredulous, laying down on the back seat, covered with pieces of glass, and a few inches away from my legs I could see pieces of metal and parts of an engine.


The car hit the tree directly from my side; the right hand side, the front of the car no longer existed, it was just a heap of metal that entered the cabin of the car and invaded the entirety of my side of the car: surely if I had remained where I was I would not have escaped.


But how did I manage to be in the back of the car? I did not move I was too terrified; I was wearing the seat belt, like my father always kept telling me to do ….. It was torn off but it was still buckled in … how could I have jumped in the back?


I escaped from a window, legs first! My friend was extracted from the car by the fire brigade, he was also locked in by sheets of metal, but at least we were both alive, we escaped with a lot of bruises, many stitches, an unbelievable fright, and my friend broke his arm. Having looked at the dynamics of the accident, we told ourselves that we had been extremely lucky.


My friend asked me several times how I managed to throw myself in the back of the car, he told me that I displayed a lot of courage under pressure, but I did not really do anything, I was petrified waiting for my demise! The rescuers also asked me how I managed to escape; I had no idea. I should have been dead but there I was, alive and kicking.


I truly believe that on that occasion there was the help of an Angel …. I can not explain it in any other way.




Saved By An Angel Car Accident Rescued By An Angel was the testimonial of Fede




Saved By An Angel Car Accident Rescued By An Angel


Saved By An Angel Car Accident


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