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I Understood What Is Important In Life 1

I Understood What Is Important In Life 1 Experiences


I Understood What Is Important In Life 1


“I understood what is really important in life” is the name of the testimonial that Luca chose to share with all of you; it’s very long, but you will see that in order to make us truly part of his adventure of internal transformation, Luca had no choice but to tell all of it, I will therefore share his testimonial, in addition to some publications that I will show you in the near future, I read all of it twice, I have to say that the second time I read it was even more fascinating because I was able to pick up on all the aspects that Luca presented, it’s an unusual story that will leave you speechless, however now you just need to settle down, and listen to the experience of the heart; a sweet embrace to everyone from Sara Luce, I will now leave you to the words of Luca.


Hello my love, the first two pages are for you.


I am writing this letter because I probably would not be able to achieve the same effect if I attempted to express it verbally.


I just told you some pieces of it, about the strange occurrences of recent years.


I don’t want you to believe what I experienced, I have already attempted to explain a few things to you, and frankly I don’t expect people to believe me.


If we exchanged roles, I would probably react in the same way you did, I would say that you have a very creative mind and that, under stress, you imagine and believe you have lived unbelievable things.


I could write entire pages to explain that this is not the case; however I am also aware of the futility of providing proof of my experiences.


I don’t know if I will succeed in my intention to make you understand all of it, however I must try, I have to write from the heart.


Only if I manage to write on paper the true feelings I felt during those difficult and strange moment will I be able to make you see the sincerity of my words.


As I already said, I can not expect to be believed, however I only hope that it may help you understand how useless it is to spend your life with fear of strangers, fear of being duped and ridiculed.


I know how hard and full of obstacles your childhood was, and for this reason I admire you, perhaps you do not realize the true extent of the inner strength you have.


A strength that allows you to face the terrible illness that you are suffering from, as well as having to tolerate a crazy man.


It’s been many years since my first kiss, however I still remember how my legs were shaking in that moment, and I remember the butterflies in my stomach and my sweaty hands.


When I embraced you, my thought became very light and my soul elevated toward the stars and I thought (this is what paradise must feel like, and I want to stay there forever).


I will always be grateful for you choosing me, for making me a more mature person, and thank you for having faced me in the most sincere way possible, making me notice even my character flaws.


Even today, after 20 years, when you are in my arms I feel a sense of peace and of complete well being, it’s as if time stands still and we become one united thing, that elevates itself to the utmost potential.


It’s how it is my love, anger, hatred, thirst for power, they are nothing when compared to the power of love, nothing can challenge a sincere feeling free from any personal interest.


Nowadays people live in a vicious circle, I do not deny that sometimes I too have allowed myself to be transported by selfish instincts, I am aware that ego is part of the human being, but this does not make it a good thing in itself, I think of the internal strength of every individual that fights this instinct, they are not always successful, however we should fight it with every possible mean.


Life on earth is too short and it’s a waste to spend it hating or collecting material wealth.


Everyone talks of well being referring to money, the world is full of homicides, fraud, racism, wars driven by other interests disguised as religious conflicts.


I would like to share what happened to me for one simple reason, my hope is that of seeing a better world.


Maybe it won’t make any difference, but if I can only open a little door in your soul and make your existence a little more serene then this will not have been in vain.


You know what kind of person I was before we split up in 2002, it was a very difficult period for both of us.


Now I know that all of this had to happen, we were separated for more than a year and I am sure that it was useful to both of us to understand the importance of our union.


Now I understand what is truly important in life.


I am sincere when I say that in the past I used to have a lot of preconceived notions, it’s hard to eradicate from your mind those daily thoughts and family habits.


You know something about that, simply from your own family situation, this is why I feel that your strength of Soul is indestructible and solid as steel.


You escaped a much deeper tunnel than mine, I learned a lot from you.


I write because I discern you are a little unwell and since I have to be sincere in every aspect, I will not deny also because I would like to make you try the emotions that I myself experienced that day in the car.


My heart was about to explode, nothing on this planet can be compared to similar emotions of joy.


That day, 17th of July 2009, everything became clear (our existence on earth is only a small passage of eternal life of our own real self).


I realize that these are big words, things that are said and then are forgotten.


Our daily life is full of obstacles, we are busy facing our day with our jobs, our thoughts go to the bills to pay, or how to make ends meet at the end of the month.


Life becomes a kind of survival drill, in a jungle full of hungry beasts, where every creature is trying to achieve the desired tranquility and peace.


I don’t know why my love, I don’t know for what strange reason I saw that world of peace.


I feel I have been extremely lucky to have lived an experience outside of every terrestrial logic.


You know well that I am not talking about dreams now, I touched the impossible with my own finger.


Try to imagine, “what advantages would I have in telling you a fantastically made up story, without any logic, at the risk of being confused for a crazy person?” the answer comes by itself, it’s all true.


You know me very well, my personality, and my opinion about other civilizations other than ours.

Before 2002 I was fascinated when I watched programs on TV about U.F.O’s, the mystery has been fascinating me even more than it ought to.


Very often I would find myself looking up at the sky, asking myself questions, always with the hope to see something; a strange light, an object strangely moving somewhere.


I always refused the idea that we are only human in the universe, and I do not understand how certain people can say this.


To make a comparison, it’s as if we said that in the ocean there is only one fish, or that in a forest there is only one little ant.


Do you understand the kind of thoughts I was having?


They were logical thoughts, based on things that were concrete and explainable.


I know well that I have to think of the life that we are living now, think of the daily problems, of our jobs, our happiness.


I want to marry my love, and I would feel like touching the sky if we ever managed to have a child of our own.


I am sure that we will raise our child very well, today we are more mature, life has thrown many obstacles at us and our overcoming these obstacles has made our existence stronger.


A strength that we will certainly send to our child, if he will come.


A while ago you told me “what kind of father would you be, telling your son about such strange things”


Only God knows how I understand you, listening to my own experience is like going directly against the laws of human science, it’s like erasing every earthly certainty and venturing out in an uncertain world, full of inexplicable uncertainties.


It would mean denying life as it has always been lived, and, believe me, I would never tell my child of about a reality that is different from the one that he lives in.


Having said this, I do have to tell my experience, I do have to explain how my belief in other civilizations brought me to the certainty of the existence of a creator God.


Essentially I do not have any religion, however in every sacred writing there are portions of the truth.


Every religion presents a part of the truth, and I find it to be extremely close-minded and devoid of any logic to believe firmly that one’s own religions is the one and only untouchable religion out there.


The modern man has forgotten the messages of our ancestors, inside the human being there is an immense power that can be tapped only through the power of love, only with the courage of venturing out with a pure spirit, self-critiquing and as sincere as possible.


I know that it can all seem rather absurd and the product of hallucinations, and I can not fault anyone reading this for believing that I am a very creative and maybe a little sick person.


Believe me when I tell you that if I was in your place I would think the same as you, if I had not lived in person what I am about to tell you, I would not hesitate to say that they are all fantasies, the product of a sick mind.


I don’t know if someone, some day, will ever come to read all this.


I feel the need to write because I probably need to vent my repressed feeling inside my soul (I saw the impossible and I can not tell anybody)


Before I begin my story I will report a passage that I found on the internet, from a woman whom I never had the luck to be able to track down, her words touched my very essence for their truth and the incredible coincidence with my own experience.


“Experiences cause us to alter our journeys. I have to be clear when I say that it is not my intention to try to convince anyone to change their own journeys.


The process of change is too profound and initially it pertains a time of a life that was complicated and difficult for all people involved.


You need to have experience of yourself to cross that threshold, the roads can be varied, you could follow the shaman theories such as Christianity or any other current of thought, however the destination is the same, the truth is one only.


When you have certain types of experiences, be they of any kind, if they are real ones, they are experienced with all of our Being, the notions do not matter, our knowledge does not help, our emotions betray us, and the mind lives the present in a “particular” state. We face the unknowns and we put ourselves to the test, moment after moment, in good times and in bad times. Clearly the baggage of what we are is extremely important to face the unknown, but there is little to say or to do, when we are ready then the fear vanishes, because the Being wants to reach it. There is nothing scientific behind this, quite the opposite. Very few people have understood that our entire lives are like this, even the most minute things are “movements” which our Beings use in their entirety to evolve, and even fewer of them reach the objective, very rare are those who use such “movements” of their Beings to determine their Reality, to change it, to live its Totality, like a horse trodding between two different worlds.


The human being sees things as through a frosted glass pane, after a while it all becomes colored, green, red, yellow, he begins to see this “color” everywhere and he no longer recognizes that this “color” comes from his own conscience. He believes he has found a truth and in reality he has actually already experimented it, but always and only with all of its potentiality and with all of its limits, especially that of being a human conscious. In reality that “glass” was never removed….it’s still there and to remove it you need a New Conscious.


Free from internal obstacles, our baggage being lighter in weight, such as ideas, convictions, preconceived notions, behaviors etc… In reality for many the glass will never disappear.


There are messages that bypass completely our reason and our logic, they come to you, they hit you, and you can not give an explanation for it. It’s a special feeling, like feeling surrounded by unknown energies, but, since these energies belong to the Total Conscious they are shared by humanity. The pure Being that is inside each one of us recognizes them immediately, it stops in its track, it Knows that there is the Truth. It can not help but recognize it, the Truth is the very fabric of Life, it would be like denying yourself.


We are vulnerable in front of the Truth. The truth does not go through the mind, it does not have a logic, it goes beyond it…. The Truth can not be reduced to a mathematical formula, like some people attempt to do. The Truth belongs to the Totality.


To claim that we were struck by it but that we could not understand it is a contradiction because it means two things: that the True part of the Being of the individual recognized the Truth, this can happen in various ways… while the part of the individual that is blind and asleep seeks a little formula, even philosophical, to feed it’s mind, just like when we add new files to a file folder on our computers….


The experience of the Totality is a combining of Forces! This happens when the Being has re-integrated All of its parts and has shifted the “center of conscience”, until then all this was impossible, you will be able to roam among sensations, thoughts, bouncing from one “feeling” to another….


The Threshold is an Experience in the Totality of Being. That Being, or Entity, that permeates everything and that is not separated from the “I am”… but it encompasses it. It’s like seeing your own Face. It’s “seeing” the Truth. It’s seeing your own Self, in other words God. Seeing Him without dying, even if the heart definitely stops for a few moments. The heart that indicates the passing of time and that stops when we die, because Beyond the Threshold time does not exist! We die on this world and we are Reborn. It’s one of the great Esoteric Mysteries, it’s one of the most powerful Initiations, it’s a reawakening of the Totality of Being.


From that moment on, the glass is shattered.


The Real and Unique experience that is destined to us in our lives, the most auspicious, is that of Unveiling our true Face, all other faces are “colors” on that glass and have only relative importance.


It’s as if all “fragments” collected during our existence…. That all fit in one hand, blew up in the air because the image we had just created is not real. By blowing up in the air they join with other fragments, and then some more fragments that we did not even know existed… and then some more…. Until in one blinding Light we finally manage to see the Author of the Picture Frame”


Our thoughts, even the most profound ones, are perceived by something that goes beyond every logic explanation.


Strange events follow, you seek rational explanations, the madness can be behind the corner, the only way is to follow your instinct, continuing to seek the truth in a world that is completely foreign.


Nobody can help you, you are alone in front of inexplicable events.


You try to explain to people dear to you and the more you do that the more they think you are crazy.


Did you ever ask why people commit atrocious acts?


Why are many people prepared to trample on the dignity of others to pursue their personal benefit?


I could give you thousands of examples of selfish behavior in human beings.


Society, it induces you to believe that it’s part of the human nature to do everything in our power to elevate our social status and to do this at the expense of people near us.


The classic example is the job, where envy is ripe and subterfuges are prevalent, everything is free game in order to advance and earn more money.


I mentioned society only to explain that it is each one of us, in fact, when in reality, we should not seek to lay the blame anywhere but inside of ourselves.


I know, it’s difficult to admit it to your own ego, and it’s easier to lay the blame outside of ourselves, the blame is with our cynical society.


But aren’t we the ones who make up society anyway?


Why do we seek answers outside when in reality we should seek them inside our own heart?


Now that I have talked about the heart, many people will say that in order to survive we have to set aside feelings and those people who are too good get trampled on.


I do not deny that in some cases it can be true, however I guarantee to you that those are small disappointments.


That is nothing when compared to the power of the heart and of pure feelings, honest feelings toward ourselves and others.


I spoke of power, now you will think of a Spiritual Power, something that is abstract and that fills you with joy.


If I told you that the above is only one aspect, and that incredible things can happen when your being goes into a state of absolute well being, would you believe me?


I am not talking about hallucinations or celestial visions, I am referring to a real and true distortion of reality as we perceive it, a veritable world parallel to ours, which, in some cases, interacts with us both spiritually and physically.


It probably sounds like science fiction, I can understand the surreal implications that this may lead to associate.


Naturally you could never believe a similar theory.


If you think about it carefully, though, you will notice that it can be possible.


Could we not be part of pure science fiction too? Where do we come from? What kick started our existence?


The experts say that it was the Big-Bang theory, but what kicked off the Big Bang to begin with?


A thought?


A material energy?


Who conceived the universe as we see it today? Where do magnetic and electric forces come from?


The human being can only confirm their existence and take advantage of their potential, but we will never be able to understand their accurate origin.


I am saying this because I want you to understand that everything can be possible, the unknown must not scare you.


Great discoveries were made by people who challenged the unknown, even if this often caused for them to be isolated from society.


Now I will tell you everything in minute detail, how it all started in 2002, and how on 17th July 2009 I ended up with an experience outside every earthly logic.


Browsing on the internet I read a few posts from people who experienced similar events to me, just like they did, I debated with myself if it is right to share this.


I hope that my story will be interpreted as a message of hope and an inspiration to see a better world.


Well, I am aware it will be a grueling undertaking to tell my experience in all its details.


The most difficult part is to explain the frame of mind I was in, in some situations that were out of the ordinary, they lead you to think about the causes of what is happening.


You seek rational explanations, you try everything to attribute your experience to something that is real or at least something known or possible.


In that moment, when you notice that there are no more rational explanations, then insanity lurks around the corner and your life can plunge into an abyss from which you never return.


I have always been a rather shy person, maybe this is why I only met my first woman and had sex for the first time when I was 21.


Contrary to almost all of my peers, I was seeking the love of my life.


I never put pressure on girls when I was dating the other sex, I felt that if it was going to happen, it would not need any pressure.


Frankly I was pretty clumsy ad more often than not I did not understand that a woman liked me, or I noticed far too late.


I was in high heaven when I started seeing my sweet other half on a regular basis, a sudden light struck my being and I saw everything as much more simple, life became light, my daily problems are no longer so heavy when they are tackled together with the person you love.


Just like all couples, we did have our ups and downs in our relationship, sometimes caused by our families, some other times due to misunderstandings from both sides, but we did solve all of them, right up until 2002.


In the summer of 2002 I had already been living with my woman, life was going normally and like many husbands I had succumbed to a sedentary daily life.


I was always on the sofa playing with my play station and I was neglecting the needs of my companion.


I was so relaxed that within a few years I went from weighing 62 kilos to 80 kilos, it was shorter to step over me than it was to walk around me.


However, in life, change is always around the corner, and change can come very quickly.


I had started to neglect our life as a couple, my woman was trying to let me see it in every way she could, but I was blinded by stupidity and by my ego.


Soon after that, during a vacation at the Maldives, I saw a text message on Sabrina’s cell phone (Sabrina is my better half), and just like it happens to many, I realized I was being cheated on.


I pretended nothing had happened, when we returned from our vacation, while she was at work, I took out all of my belongings and I was standing at the main entrance, waiting for her to return home.


I was furious, I told her “how could you do this to me! I did everything for you, I went against my own family because they were against this union, I accepted your illness and your numerous trips to the hospital, I sacrificed so much for you”!!!, me, me, always me …. If only people realized that it’s actually the little word “me” that ruins many marriages.


Even though I still very much loved my wife and I felt a terrible pain like squeezing my heart, I moved back in with my parents.


Certain events happen to people who are going through a very particular moment in their lives.


So, I had moved back in with my parents, my sister was trying to boost my morale, she could see my melancholy state and she kept trying to distract me.


I started to go to a bar on a regular basis, I made some new friendships and I was very aware of my physical appearance.


I was following a strict diet, I was jogging every night and I was killing myself with abs crunches and flexes.


Within a few months my weight dropped from 80 back to 63 kilos, my friends started to praise my figure, women looked at me with interest, and I will not deny that initially it was a pleasant sensation.


My attitude began to change, my ego was in charge at all times, I dated many different women and drank heavily, often doing both at the same time.


I spent more than a year like that, I did not notice that Sabrina was going through a terrible period, her dad passed away in an accident and the disease that she suffered from forced her to undergo another major surgery.


Soon after that her mother also passed away, due to an illness, and at the funeral all I did was try to make her feel guilty for cheating on me, I repeat that I was still very much into only thinking about myself at that time.


I was beginning to not like my life anymore as it was, I felt that something was lacking, maybe the only moment of peace I was living was while I was at the window, staring at the stars, I would light up a cigarette and I would watch the smoke wave in front of the moon, only in those moments I would think about what I had become, what I was not, what had happened to that young man that was used to true feelings, that believe in family values!


Maybe I was seeking for help, I was looking at the sky and I was seeking internal peace.


In December 2003 I went to Egypt with my latest girlfriend, it was exactly as we were returning home from that vacation that something strange and incredible entered my life.


Back home, I went to my usual bar with this new girlfriend, we were keen to show off our tan, and as we were drinking our beers I bragged to my friends that I had managed to bring back some marijuana from Egypt, hiding it inside some hollowed out cigarettes.


I was truly a schmuck, I did not even realize how stupid and irresponsible I had been for doing that.


While I was talking and cracking jokes with my friends, I noticed sitting in a corner of the room a person dressed in strange clothes, he wore a fluorescent green sweater and a hat that went back to the 50s or 60s.


Every now this person would raise his head and look at me, with a little smile.


I really had the impression that he was listening to my words, and I became even more intrigued by him.


Soon after that he got up, came towards me, asking where he could find a good restaurant since he was not from around there.


He seemed very pleasant and told us that he was in our city because he was the president of an organization, he had arranged an evening for the following day where there were going to be well known people, both politicians and representatives of the realm of culture and entertainment.


He said that he was a very well known person and handed out a business card to each one of us.


He invited me, my girlfriend and another couple of friends to the evening, mentioning that he would be honored with our presence.


To be honest, I thought that he was a little crazy, and I did not take his words very seriously, the following day no-one from our group showed up to his event, and two days later he showed up at our bar again.


He turned to me and said:


 “Hello Luca, you thought I was crazy, didn’t you? I was waiting for you yesterday, you missed a great evening, open the daily paper and you will see the article where I am featured”


In the article there was a picture where this person was next to political celebrities, and a well known singer.


It was very clear that he was the president of a charitable organization that collected funds for disadvantaged children.


I noticed that in the picture he was very well dressed, in jacket and tie, while in the bar he showed up wearing very odd clothes.


He offered me and a few other friends a drink, we sat at the table and he started to talk about the various places where he had been, he said that with his job he had toured the entire world and he very sadly had to fire many people, specifying that his firing was never a permanent arrangement.


I remember very well a sentence he said, that in life you can have very strange occurrences, and the person that faces them has to be really careful about going crazy.


He never specified the type of work he did, then he asked if he could ask me some questions, and that my answers had to be as sincere as possible.


Him:” give me a number between one and ten”


Me: “five”


Him:” see, you replied 5 because you are seeking securities, you choose the road that is in the middle”


Him:” If you had the opportunity, which car would you buy?


Me:” An off-road”


Him:” once again you denote insecurity, you chose an off-road vehicle to feel higher up from the ground, safe”


Him:” if you had to choose where you lived, would you live at the sea or in the mountains?”


Me: “I love the sea, but if I had to choose I would choose the mountains”


Him: “Just like I thought, the mountain because you are higher up, so you can control and feel safe”


I started to contradict him by explaining that this was simply a matter of personal taste and it had nothing to do with insecurity.


He surprised me by standing up and slamming his fist on the table and saying “Luca!! If this is just a matter of personal taste, then please explain to me why you are going out with a woman that you do not like!!!!”


My girlfriend’s face turned pale, I froze right there, staring at him.


He continued “I have not known you for very long, but I already speak to you like a friend, I call you by your first name but you do not even remember my name, you will never find security through the material things, look at yourself Luca!!!! Look, what a waste!!!!!”


At that moment I was thinking of my father, even though he was not always the best of people, he too once imparted a similar lesson to me.


Right there and then he said “Right now you are thinking of me like a father”


His eyes penetrated my mind.


The more I looked at him, the more I thought I could feel his thoughts, I was disoriented and I had just one fixed thought.


I wanted to ask him if he believed in other civilizations other than the human civilization: and then the disorientation became complete, without me saying a word, he replied “if you truly believe in other civilizations, why do you need to talk about it, this too is proof of insecurity”.


I was truly dumbfounded, I did not ask any question, how could this be possible?


I felt an extremely strong bond with this person, probably this is not something that I can explain with words.


I began to feel something like a voice inside that was telling me “tell me how you feel, tell me how you feel”


I suddenly started to shout “Stop!! What are you trying to make me say!!!”


My friends looked at me, told me I was crazy, and that nobody had said anything, and he, with a very reassuring tone, told me “you and I understand each other, don’t we, Luca?”


I was completely petrified, I could not do anything other than watch him as he was driving off in his old beaten up white car.


In the following days I often thought back to that evening, I kept repeating myself that it was not possible to communicate with our thoughts, and that those were only coincidences.





End of part one … to be continued ……


I Understood What Is Important In Life 1 was the testimonial of Luca




I Understood What Is Important In Life 1 Experiences


I Understood What Is Important In Life 1


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