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I Understood What Is Important In Life 2

I Understood What Is Important In Life 2 Experiences


I Understood What Is Important In Life 2


I understood what is really important in life – Testimonial Part 2, is the second part of the testimonial from Luca, which you will read about today, the link to the first part is


I Understood What Is Really Important In Life Part 1


We left him very much shaken up from the meeting with the gentleman who seemed to have the ability to read his thoughts, and to transmit the contents of his own thoughts to him but let’s listen on, from Luca’s words, how his adventure progressed.


The more the days went by the more I found myself thinking back tosurf that night, every now and aced it came to my mind, but it was just a small thought during any regular day.


Needless to say that the relationship with the new girl was destined to end, that man was absolutely right.


One thing that he said, more than anything else, kept coming to my mind (in life very strange things can happen, and the person facing them must be really careful not to go crazy), nothing more accurate than that, it turned out to be an omen for something that I would have to face personally, very strange events, and madness can truly be around the corner.


A few months later, my older sister was remarrying, I went to a shopping mall to buy a new shirt for the wedding.


I walked into a shop where I was helped by a very kind and very gracious girl, once I bought the shirt I waited outside the shop for a while, pretending to look at the shop window, when in reality I was watching her, observing her demeanor, she was always kind and with a magnetic smile.


I was still in the frame of mind that I deserved a prize, I had never cheated on my wife, I always thought I was in the right, and I judged her betrayal to me as an extremely serious action.


I keep referring to her as my wife, in reality we never did marry, after many years of living together I see myself as married and I do not believe it is at all necessary to marry in Church, I stand already in front of God.


While I was watching the shop attendant, inside myself I was thinking “Go for it Luca, go, you deserve a girl like that!”


I armed myself with courage and walked in, I asked her if I could offer her a coffee or a drink at the bar inside the shopping mall, and I told her that she had a wonderful smile.


She replied “Absolutely not!!! I am not an easy girl like many girls in this town are, I am from Sardinia and I tend to be very stubborn, before I accept anything from a man I need to know him”


With a lot of overconfident nerve I replied that it was for that very reason that I was looking for a girl from Sardinia, and with just as much nerve I started telling her about me.


I told her about my job, which consisted in making AutoCAD drawings part-time. Right in that moment, from the shop fax machine in the shop came out a sheet with advertising for a class in AutoCAD.


I thought it was a coincidence, and I kept on telling her about me.


I told her that I was a good painter and in the past I had even sold several paintings, and once again from the fax machine came out another advertising sheet, which she decided to show me, it was selling a course in painting.


How could this be possible?


I did not know what to think, I was just disoriented and in disbelief.


Naturally I always thought of coincidences, there is no way that anyone could have arranged a joke in such a brief time and with a complete stranger.


I kept attempting to give myself logical explanations for everything that happened around me, I always sought the rational reason for any event, and in that period I kept experiencing hundreds of coincidences.


The shop attendant gave me her phone number, I initially tried to invite her for dinner, or for an ice cream, but she really was stubborn, and I gave up.


I remember one of her answers to an invitation from me, it said “you need to wait for the fruit to be ripe”, naturally referring to me.


Soon after that I deleted her phone number and I stopped thinking about her.


I know it’s difficult to believe, but then strange electrical phenomena began happening to me, both inside my home and outside.


The lights in my bedroom, sometimes they turned on and off by themselves, I remember once even my stereo started playing in the middle of the night, and it would not turn off even after I pressed the on/off button, and not even after unplugging the cord from the wall, only after several seconds it stopped all of a sudden.


Even outdoors, I would walk under a lamp post, and it would start flickering, or it would just stop working.


This probably happened to everybody, but the strange thing is that this happened to me at least 10/15 times every evening.


I repeat that I always sought to give rational explanations for this, I was living something strange, but I did not understand what it was, the more I sought answers, the less I was able to find them.


Text messages from an unknown phone number started arriving to my cell phone.


“Hello Luca”


Hello, who are you?


“You should know”


What is this, a joke?


I did not have the slightest idea who this was, I did not think about this too much, and I continued on with my discombobulated life, with visits to the bars and nightclubs.


I believed I arrived at a point where I even started hating women, I saw in them only some mercenaries without a heart, I did not realize that my own ego was turning me into that very figure.


I had occasional flings, I remember very well the phone ringing just before I was about to get intimate with them, and it was always the usual number.


I would answer the calls, but there was no reply and it began to make me nervous.


One night I went to a nightclub with my friends, women kept looking at me and I felt like a King.


That night, strangely, young men kept approaching me asking me if I had any drugs, naturally I sent them all away abruptly, I went to the bathroom and I looked at the mirror, to check if my face looked like that of a drug addict.


Truly strange, it had never happened to me before, I thought about youth, a crooked youth, drinking and doing drugs, just because of boredom or for so-called fun.


Once I left the bathroom I saw in the distance the face of the nice shop attendant I had met months before, with her magnetic smile that bewitched me.


I tried to walk to her, but the nightclub was very busy and I lost sight of her.


The strange events kept happening to me, my cell phone ringing, I started to believe I was being followed.


I thought that maybe the man at the bar was a policeman and maybe he saw my suitcase with the dope and he arranged to have me followed.


I even started doubting my friends, I thought maybe there was a conspiracy I was not aware of.


I needed to understand what was happening to me, and to do this I decided to research into the article of the newspaper where the man had been featured ….. (the man from the bar).


I remembered very well the day, since it was two days after my return from my trip in Egypt.


I got hold of the newspaper, but to my astonishment there was no article about him, so I started to look through all papers from the day before and the day after, no articles on any fund-raising dinners.


I started to look through every single paper for the entire month, not satisfied, I decided to look through both local papers that covered my town, without success.


I decided to research on the internet the name B ……, the strange thing is that even if those were extremely common names and last names, if I searched for them together I got zero search results in Italy.


I tried to explain all this to some of my friends who were present at the bar that night, I asked them if they remembered the article, they agreed that they remembered seeing it, but they would soon change the subject and I did not try to explain what happened.


I just needed some confirmation, a proof that it was not just me who saw that article.


I started to believe I was part of some kind of scheme, or some TV program, without my knowledge.


I felt I was being observed all the time, and simultaneously I would get the usual call from the unknown number on my cell phone, I answered in a very rude manner…


“You must top calling me or texting me!!! Tell me who you are or I will go straight to the police and I will have you arrested!”


I got a text message that said


“At your beck and call Luca, I am your Angel”


At this time I lashed out a series of extremely rude insults and the phone calls and text messages stopped coming.


I lived in a permanent state of disorientation, I needed to understand at all costs what was happening to me, I would go to the usual hang out places and always see the same people, I thought someone had wire tapped my car, I was more and more convinced that people around me were all part of a conspiracy.


One night I grabbed my father’s car, I went to the parking lot across from where my usual local bar is, and where I met the strange man.


With much surprise, I saw his car parked right in front of the bar, it was impossible to mistake it since it was the same banged up old white car with the license plate from the town initials BS.


At that point I sent a text to the unknown number


“Now the jigsaw puzzle is complete, you need to stop stressing me, I am tired”


Right at that moment, inside the car that happened to be parked in front of me, I saw the shape of a woman, she seemed busy reading a message that had just arrived to her cell phone. Immediately after that she got back in the car, she left quickly, I almost recognized the silhouette of the shop attendant in that woman.


Now everything was clear, I was convinced that it was a TV program where I was the main character unbeknownst to me, I was sure soon I would be told everything about it.


I went back home, I slumped on the sofa and I turned the TV on, a new movie was about to start, the title was K-PAX (arrived from another world).


A very nice movie, which I watched again after that, in any case, at some point in the movie that night, they were talking about a small blue bird, and how this bird was the messenger from God.


Right at that time I heard some noises outside my main door, I got up and I opened the door suddenly.


I could not believe it, right in front of me was a little blue bird on the door mat (I shall specify that my parents live in an apartment in a 6-storey building, between one floor and the other there are windows which are rigorously closed shut.


In that exact moment, I received a text message from the usual number.




I was completely shaken, I turned toward my mother, asking if she saw the little bird on the mat.


She confirmed that she saw it, but she had no idea how it could have arrived there.


That’s when I completely lost it, I shouted at my mother, accusing her of being part of the conspiracy, I noticed my sister and my father’s very worried expressions, they had been noticing strange behaviors in me for a while now.


In complete panic I ran outside the home, my mind was spinning at a thousand thoughts a minute, I thought of Sabrina, maybe all this was her idea, maybe she was trying to get me back.


I got in the car and I drove immediately to her, I rushed up the stairs in an extreme rush, and I rang her doorbell.


She opened the door and cried, her body was so debilitated, her chronic illness was making her suffer a lot.


I embraced her and I whispered in her ear.


“Was it you? Did you do it for me? Do you want me back?”


Unbelievably, even then my thoughts were still only about myself, it is so hard to defeat your own ego.


Her answer was….


“What are you talking about? Since you left I am struggling to pay the rent, my illness is devouring me, I have lost weight and I am down to 38 kilos, when I look at myself in the mirror I see a monster.


If your self-infatuated thoughts are due to something I did, then I ask for your infinite forgiveness, but please do not cause me any more problems, I beg you, Luca”


I drove back to my parents, I had the image of Sabrina’s suffering in front of my eyes, constantly.


I went to bed, I just wanted to sleep and think of nothing, my parents and my sister’s faces conveyed all their worry for me.


The following morning my sister’s voice woke me up.


“Luca, can you get up? There are some people in the living room who would like to talk to you”


I went to the bathroom to wash my face, I was wondering who those people could be, I really felt exhausted about everything, they had to stop this, once and for all.


I went to the living room, there were two men and a woman I had never seen before.


My parents were standing on one side, I could read the worry in their expressions.


The female figure from these people started to ask questions…..


“What is happening to you Luca? Your parents tell me that you are very restless, that you behave in a strange manner, can you tell me what is worrying you?”


I remained fairly vague, but the questions became more and more direct, and in the end I told them that they had to stop pressuring me and that most likely they too belonged to the same conspiracy, together with my family.


I began telling them something about my events, but I realized that it was better to stop there.


They told me very calmly that I could follow them voluntarily, or that they would have to take me with them against your will, I did not have much of a choice, so I chose the first one.


While I was leaving the home, I stared at my mother and I told her


“Why did you do this mom?”


She looked at me, she burst into tears telling me that she only did it for my good, she said that one day I would understand.


I found myself in a psychiatric ward, everything was crumbling around me, I never would have thought I would end up in such a place.


My parents gave provisions to not let Sabrina enter the place, they felt that my state of confusion was entirely her fault.


Even the doctors believed this theory, they told me that the cause was a very strong emotional disappointment, followed by alcohol together with use of recreational drugs.


I was trapped, I knew what I had experienced, but at the same time I could not share it.


The psychiatrists started to tell me that my brain had been damaged, and that to heal the wound it was necessary to prescribe psychoactive drugs.


Now, it’s been years since that bad experience, I ask myself how they could make such claims without even running any tests.


Initially I tried to pretend that I was taking their medication, I would hold them in my hand and I would pretend to swallow them, it did not last long, I was caught pretty quickly and they told me “If you want to leave this place, you must do as we tell you”.


I started to take them, their effect was devastating on me, at all time, but especially when I was sitting down, I felt like I was falling into emptiness.


The vertigo was horrible, my nerves became even more tense, I was even having trouble turning my head, my movements were unnatural (like a robot)


I was really sick, I would abolish those pills at all costs, they take away your will to live.


In fact, the rate of suicides among people who take these medications is very high, and this information is not readily shared, the pharmaceutical companies who produce this poison for the body and mind would lose all their profits, and the psychiatrists would lose their jobs.


My friends would come to visit but I could see their judging looks, and I kept my head low.


I was as if I was enclosed in a bubble, and everything outside this bubble was hostile to me.


I started to talk to other people who were in my same ward, nobody was (mad) in that place, there were only people to whom life had handed really bad and dramatic moments.


I remember a woman who was trying to cheer me up by saying that the mad people are actually out there, unfortunately, soon after that, that woman took her own life, devastated by the healing pills that the psychiatrists are so proud of.


The irony of all this, my younger sister brought me a tri-dimensional jigsaw puzzle that represented the planet earth.


My gaze was always fixed and my reflexes became more and more slow, I had to react, I had to get out of that situation, and pretend to be recovering, blaming the alcohol and the drugs.


To kill time I started painting the picture of a woman who was also admitted there, she was there because she had lost her will to go on, she had no stimulus left, with my painting I managed to make her smile.


Sometimes it just took very little to help a person, a kind gesture, a compliment, or simply listening to what that person had to say.


Sabrina was completely banned from visiting me, perhaps in those moments she would have been the only person truly able to help me.


It had been more than two weeks since the psychiatrists decided that I was allowed to continue my treatment at home.


Those damned pills had emptied out my entire being, even after several years I still have very clear in my mind the feeling of no return to normality that the medication was giving me, I understand extremely well why some people can arrive to suicide.


Once I went back home, I had to try at all costs not to take those pills.


I started to hide them under the tongue, or I would pretend to swallow them but in reality I had them in my hand.


I tried to explain to my father and to my mother that they made me sick, but they would not hear any of it, I had to take them and there was not discussion, because this is what the doctors said.


I had no other choice, either I faked it, or I would be ruined for the rest of my life.


It is true, those pills can ruin your entire life!!!!


Who cares, the big pharmaceutical companies have to make a living, the system has to go on, with or without you.


I had to react at all costs, I decided to resume going to work immediately.


I hid the pills in a baggy, and this kept going on for three months, my parents did not even realize that it would have been practically impossible for me to work if I took those medications.


I started secretly seeing Sabrina again, they were the only moments where I felt truly at peace, in her I did not see the look of judgment, she was truly of great help to me.


Fortunately, her illness began to give her some respite, and very slowly she started to get better.


Even my own body and my own mind returned to normality, I decided to leave my parent’s home and to return to live with Sabrina.


My parents were furious when I broke the news to them, my mother told me ….


“Now that thanks to the pills you were beginning to fell better, you have to act like this? Do you want to go back to what you were before?”


Very calmly and deliberately, I took the baggy full of the pills, and I showed it to them and said:


“These are the pills that are supposed to have saved me? You see mum, if I feel better now, the reason is because I stopped taking this poison, or I would have become a complete vegetable”.


“When they came and took me away, you told me that one day I would have understood your decision”


I believe that you did it because it was for my own good, but it was not the right choice, I tried to explain in every which way possible that Sabrina had nothing to do with what I experienced, I could tell you this a thousand times, but you still would not understand this”.


I started living with Sabrina again, I believe that this experience made our relationship even stronger.


Since then, we seek a dialogue as soon as there is a problem, slowly life returned to normality.


Every now and then I would think about the man in the bar, and the coincidences that happened, but over time I forgot about them and all that was left was brief fleeting thoughts, everything went smoothly with our ups and downs, right up until July 2009.


Until then all that had happened could have been an experience that can happen to anybody, but what I am about to tell you now, has nothing that is comprehensible in rational terms, it can not be proven or studied.


Of one thing I am absolutely sure, these are not hallucinations or visions due to stress or some other form of madness.


I repeat that I truly lived something that was non-earthly, and I am just as certain that I have seen something that is truly part of the soul and of life after death, or at the very least a dimension that is connected to God and to our earthly experience.


And so it is, from that day on, in my thoughts I now have deeply embedded the belief that life is only a necessary passage, a school for young souls.


In July 2009 everything came back with a vengeance, the paranormal, or which ever way you choose to call it, came into my life.


Everything started by accident, if we can call it that, since from that day I understood the non-accidental nature of every event, the non-accidental nature of the entire history of humanity, and the existence of a creator entity that I will simply call God, or our Father/Mother.


I am not delusional and I don’t see myself as the chosen one, I will simply share what I saw and what I felt.


That day my heart was about to explode from joy, it barely survived such beauty.


I am still convinced that I am not worthy of deserving what I saw, I believe that (God) must have scraped the bottom of the barrel to have given someone like me the opportunity to touch with my hand something of such indescribable beauty.


That day I was thinking that after such an experience, I could die happily, I felt so small in my thoughts, in my ego, and in my arrogance, that I was becoming inexistent next to Creation.


At the same time, I also felt as if I was part of everything, every single cell of my body, every gesture, every thought I had, they are part of a design of which we are all part of.


I was talking about July 2009, I had a few problems with a home I was in the process of purchasing, I was living in it even though I had not signed all the paperwork, the builder told me that when they were done with the work the paperwork would be ready.


It had been almost a year since I had moved back in with Sabrina, but the builder was still very reluctant to finish the work, I still did not have a balcony with a fence, and the basement kept flooding every time it rained, and let’s not talk about the countless problems with the deeds and other loopholes that our absurd builder had been following.


I was not an expert on these issues, and I had been very superficial at the time of signing for the purchase of the apartment.


I decided to seek the help from a lawyer and this is where the double problem started, an endless process that tests your nerves in all possible ways.


Sabrina was not very well, she was forced to spend long periods of time feeling unwell, which ultimately lead to yet another surgery, this was not going down well with her employer, who decided to fire her.


Then a series of problems started accumulating with each day, someone destroyed my car that was parked regularly outside, Sabrina ended up overheating the motor of her own car, and we were ripped off several times by your mechanic.’


In short, it was a period in which I was a little nervous and full of problems.


One evening, the first days of July, I found myself on the sofa, with the laptop on my legs, I was browsing the usual internet sites, facebook, you tube, some sites about planets and constellations, since I have always been fascinated by the universe and by mystery.


Suddenly I found myself joining a chat room (ufologia.biz), I don’t even remember having typed in anything to get into that page, it opened by pure coincidence.


I started to look around the various discussions, in some of them I would place my opinion, and I noticed the general good-nature among the various participants in these forums.


There was a discussion with the title that was The True Truth, I started to read the story of this person that was sharing his events and some incredible things, he told about his dramatic experiences that lead him to nearly go crazy.


The more I read on, the more I felt I knew this person, I could see so much of myself in everything he wrote, he too had very strange things happen to him, and he talked about a world made of peace and of indescribable beauty.


He said that he had come into contact with (them), so he described the people he met in that world.


Naturally I did not give much importance to that story, however the more I read on, and the more I felt tied to this person.


I did not notice the name and the image of the profile who wrote this.


It was only when I was half way through reading it that I noticed his name (K-PAX), the profile’s picture was an eye that was staring at you.


Thoughts of 2003 started flooding back, the memory of the man I met in the bar came back, and all those strange coincidences that had happened.


K-PAX was a man who lived in Rome, he said he wrote because he wanted to share his experience with others, he said that he was seeking another man like him, someone who had lived similar experiences to his, he was sure that there would be someone else out there.


I read on, and I saw so much of myself in it, he was telling about the times he would lean at the window and stare at the moon and the stars, asking for help from the Sky.


He spoke of coincidences that sometimes happen but that nobody remembers afterwards, or stops to think about the nature of those coincidences.


People do not stop to look at small details, things are forgotten due to daily problems, people’s thoughts are turned toward the mortgage rates, how to make ends meet to the end of the month, they wonder how they will pay the bills, or what to do over the weekend, but hardly anybody stops to think of the nature of certain events, or they even think that (there must be a logical explanation, after all science can explain everything)


It’s not true, science can not explain what I was living, the nature of what I saw does not belong to this world, and maybe not even our own dimension.


Believe me if I tell you that it’s been very traumatic to have been catapulted all of sudden into a reality that is different from the one you are used to living in every day.


Everything that was taught to you since you were a child collapses like a sand castle, you find yourself alone in front of the unknown, and you have to make a decision, to go on or to remain with your earthly beliefs.


Sabrina was admitted to hospital for yet another surgery, I was home and I was reading the True Truth on my pc.


While I was feeling this strong bond with the writer of that story, the usual luminous phenomena that I had encountered years before came back, and this time with even more energy.


In addition to the light switches turning on/off on me, I could hear strange noises, coming from the walls, as if someone was scratching the walls.


Often they were the outside walls, so I would immediately open the door to see if there was someone outside, but there was never anybody there.


Try to imagine the fear that was gripping me in those moments, I was alone, in an apartment in a building site that was still under construction, where I was the only resident there.


My mind however was not yet thinking of paranormal, I repeat that right up to the last minute, I was still trying to come up with rational explanations.


I am writing the word paranormal even though it is a word I actually despise, however it remains the best way to explain the strange nature of those events.


My mind started to churn out all kinds of theories, I was constantly thinking of those coincidences and about the writer from Rome.


Sabrina, after her surgery, came back home and began her period of rehabilitation.


She noticed my behavior, I told her about the strange events, she told me that I must stop thinking about those things, but I was far too absorbed by it to understand what was happening, I had to get to the truth.


Every Wednesday I would play football with some friends, and at the end of May 2009, during one such games, I scraped my knee.


That particular Wednesday all players suffered from mosquito bites all over their legs.


The strange things is that everybody’s mosquito bite wounds disappeared within days, whereas in my case a month later the puncture wounds were still very much there, big and itchy, they itched all the time.


Even the scrape wound on my knee just did not want to heal, so I decided to take myself to the hospital.


I was given a cortisone-based cream, but the effects of healing were not arriving, I started to think that I had some kind of blood disease.


After that, I started noticing strange things on my body, whenever I washed my hands, my skin would wrinkle up as if I had been soaking them in water for hours, and the skin creases were very deep.


During the first days in July I was still dealing with those mosquito bites and the knee scrape.


One evening, after work, I was about to close the door of the plant where I work, when all of a sudden I saw a strange light in the sky.


Initially it looked like a shooting star, but it was much slower and it was shining more intensely.


All of a sudden it stopped in front of my eyes, what a strange sensation, it was as if it wanted to be seen, then in a small bright flash it disappeared into nothing.


I told my boss that I saw a meteor, or something like that, but the strange events continued.


That same evening, while I continued to read that story (The True Truth), K-PAX was talking of the strange lights that he saw, and that they even answered back to him through the use of color signals.


I did not know what to think, or better, I had one fixed thought in my mind, and it was to discover the truth.





End of second part, followed by the third and last part


I Understood What Is Really Important In Life 2 was the testimonial of Luca




I Understood What Is Important In Life 2 Experiences


I Understood What Is Important In Life 2


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