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I Understood What Is Important In Life 3

I Understood What Is Important In Life 3 Experiences


I Understood What Is Important In Life 3 : I understood what is really important in life Testimonial part 3 is the third and last part of Luca’s testimonial; the link for part one is

I Understood What Is Really Important In Life Part 1


And the link for the second part is

I Understood What Is Really Important In Life Part 2


We followed with interest the events that happened to Luca, sometimes with true anguish, we felt the terror, the shock, the fear coming from his heart; we left him at the end of the second part of the testimonial wit a firm will, despite everything, to know the truth. The third part of his testimonial is focused on just this, the Truth.


An embrace to all from Sara Luce, I will leave you to Luca’s words:


About a week later I went with Sabrina to a new bar that my sister had just opened, in the outskirts of town.


I bought a beer for myself and a coca cola for Sabrina, we sat on the outside patio and I noticed that in the distance there was a procession with a float carrying a statue of the Madonna, and it was coming toward us.


Behind it followed most of the locals of the small town, the procession came as close as a couple of meters away from us, and I felt a strange feeling.


Every person that walked past turned around to look at me with a deep look, I was almost intimidated, even Sabrina commented:


Why is every one of those people looking at you?


The morning of 17th July 2009, before I went to work, I stopped at a small bar for some breakfast.


On a small table there was the daily paper from my town, a person walking by made a page of the paper turn over, I noticed the horoscope, I will mention that I never read the horoscope, but that morning something pushed me to read it.


I don’t know how to explain it, I felt a strong impulse to read that small paragraph that said:


You can not postpone any more, go to the end of a question that by now belongs to prehistoric times.


In that moment, a little dog that belonged to a lady who was standing drinking her coffee walked toward me and licked the wound that I had on my knee, at the same time the lights in the bar started to play an intermittent game, on and off, while the videogames machines in the corner all had lines across their screens.


I felt as if that precise moment marked the moment in my life when I stopped believing in pure coincidences, something was acting on me, I just did not know what it was.


I went to work with my mind buzzing a million miles an hour, I was completely absorbed by what had just happened to me.


After half an hour Sabrina called me, she was worried because she saw some strange behavior in me:


What is happening to you Luca?


I don’t know my love, somebody is controlling me and I don’t know why, I am tired and I need to discover what it is that I am dealing with, or otherwise I will just go crazy.


About fifteen minutes later, Sabrina showed up in my work place, with a face that betrayed all the worrying she had had for me


Stop it Luca, don’t you see what you are becoming!! Who on earth do you think is controlling you? You are delusional.


Remember that there is only one person who can control your mind, and that is God, make sure you understand that!!!


I shouted with all the voice that I had in my body:


I wish it was God!!!! Somebody is controlling me and they are pulling bad jokes, and maybe you are in on it!


Sabrina left crying, and frankly I could understand her, in her place I would have behaved in the same way.


A colleague came to me and asked me if everything was all right, he had just heard me screaming at my woman.


I reassured him and said that it was only an argument between husband and wife, but inside I knew very well that nothing was all right, and this was only the beginning of an incredible day.


That morning I had to create on the computer a rather complex drawing, and I just did not feel up to it.


I drew the first few lines, when all of a sudden the monitor flickered for a moment, and after a few seconds, the entire drawing for the project showed up on the screen, already made.


I was petrified, my gaze was staring at the monitor, my mind was scrambling to find a possible cause for this even, I began to believe more and more in the idea of a contact with aliens.


I started to feel myself detaching from the people around me, I can’t explain it very well, they seemed to be going away at very slow speed, the noises at the plant, the people talking were increasingly far away from me, and ever so slowly I found myself in a (deafening silence).


I began to feel a presence inside me that said:


Go Luca, go towards Rome, discover the Truth.


I was truly torn, I could not possibly leave my work place, what would I tell my woman, my employer, my family? But I knew that I could no longer postpone this, and with a good dose of courage I actually left.


I did not even sign out of my shift, strangely nobody saw my departure, the boss was on the phone, an employee perhaps was in the bathroom, another was probably in the warehouse, all I know is that all coincidences seemed to be carefully pre-planned for this.


I went back home to take a shower, Sabrina was not home, I almost knew that she was not going to be there, I knew that nothing would have stopped me.


I took the car and I started driving toward Rome.


It was about 10:30 in the morning, the gas indicator only showed one tag’s worth of gas, I constantly felt that presence that communicated telepathically to me, I was so astonished to notice that telepathic communication was even possible that I completely forgot to get gas.


While I was driving in my lane I could feel the weight of the previous days spent dealing with thousands of problems lifting off my shoulders, there was only my ride, my trip to Rome.


No more problems with the house, no more lawyers, or dishonest car mechanics.


I felt the need to call Sabrina, I did not want to worry her even more than necessary, but strangely the cell phone did not work, I could only hear some rustling noises just like when you are scanning the radio looking for a radio station.


The telepathic presence was even stronger now, they told me they were an alien civilization and I needed to go to Rome, then they would manifest themselves to me and I would finally understand their real benevolent plans for me.


To be precise, I have to say that it was not like a real voice that I was hearing, it was more of an instinct, or an image embedded into your thoughts.


They are very clear images, and just as clear is the perception that these images are coming from outside, you get the distinct feeling or intuition of the absolute and unequivocal truth of what you are thinking.


The thoughts were coming from inside me, but at the same time I knew I was connected with something that had nothing to do with the earthly dimension.


Perhaps this is not very understandable, but it’s the only explanation I can give, I do not believe there are logical terms for it, or rational explanations to describe these feelings.


I was thirsty, I stopped at a rest area around the town of Modena, where the strange events, as well as visual and sensory telepathies kick started full-on.


I walked into the rest area restaurant, I immediately started to feel very warm, I thought that the air conditioning system must be down, but the feeling of warmth was not constant.


Whenever I walked close to people, the temperature would rise noticeably, strangely I was seeing people who looked slightly menacing.


Among the many people (who looked suspicious) I noticed not far away a beautiful blonde woman, with her two children next to her, two twins with blonde curly hair, and they too looked just as beautiful.


They were almost like a splash of color among so much black and white, strangely, when I walked past them, I felt the temperature actually going down dramatically, and the air became more breathable.


I was standing in line for a few moments at the check out, and the changes in temperature with each person continued on.


When it came my turn to pay I said:


“I would like a small bottle of natural mineral water, actually, no, sorry, make is carbonated water”


The attendant looked at me smiling and said:


“Try to make the right choice”


I replied: “what are you referring to?”


She looked at me again, and after nodding to me very slightly, she did not say anything else.


Before I left I stopped to look at titles of books for sale, these trvavel rest area shops are usually well stocked with books.


All titles seemed to be hinting at my escape, or better, my gaze kept falling on titles that could be linked with everything that was happening around me.


One book talked about alien civilizations, another was the book of Giacobbo (2012 and the end of the world), another book talked about how to leave your woman, another how to dump your employer.


Other books talked about the Church in a negative way, about shady agreements and the misdeeds of the papal powers.


The only book that did not seem to have any connection with what I was experiencing was (it’s easy to qui smoking), my eyes kept looking at that book.


I went back to my car, I resumed driving, once again I forgot to fill the tank with gas, strangely the gas indicator did not go down yet and I started to think that the gas tank float indicator was malfunctioning.


After a few miles the telepathic sensations started again, and they were more and more convincing.


I felt the need to continue in my quest to seek the truth, but I was beginning to doubt the actual good intentions of these entities.


Initially they were only small thoughts like:


“What if they are human beings that have telepathic abilities? And they induce people to commit atrocious acts?”


I was not sure about anything, but I had no choice but to go on, at this point I was in the middle of it and I had to go all the way to the end.


I kept trying to call but the cell phone was dead to the world, all I got was the familiar strange white noise like a radio’s.


I kept on driving in my lane, thinking so many thoughts, it’s true that I was very excited about learning about a real and concrete telepathic communication, but it was just as true that I did not know about the real purpose behind these people, or whatever they were.


I knew that the meeting from years before with the strange man was connected to everything I was living, even all of the coincidences and strange events were all connected to this trip to Rome.


Once I arrived toward Florence, I decided to stop and eat a sandwich.


Once inside the restaurant I immediately felt a sensation of well-being and relax.


I bought my sandwich, I sat myself at a little table under the screens that monitored the highway lanes.


There were three monitors, the side ones worked well, but something strange was going on with the monitor in the center.


I could see people waking by surrounded by a strange yellow halo, I immediately thought of a defect of the screen, but what stupefied me was that not all of them had this aura, and in some cases all I could see was only a light that had the vague resemblance of a human shape.


Before I left I saw that a woman distractedly dropped a row of books from the shelf, and I immediately went to help her line them up again.


Once again my gaze went back to the titles of those books, some of them referred to 2012, but they were talking about a change of conscious and a rebirth, a book explained how to make a relationship in a couple work, another talked about the good deeds of the Church, another was titled “I am God”.


They were the opposite of the previous stop, with the exception of the book titled “It’s easy to quit smoking”


I once again got back in my car, once again forgot to get gas, I was thinking of the impossibility of being able to drive that long without running out of gas, it’s impossible but it was really happening and in any case, as strange events go, this was a minor one when compared with all those things that I had seen and experienced right up to that moment.


I began to doubt more and more about the good intention of those telepathic messages.


A part of me was saying


“Go Luca, you have been chosen by a superior and pacific civilization”


The other part of me was afraid


“don’t trust them Luca, they are human beings with psychic powers, once you are in Rome they will fill you up with explosive and they will send you to the Parliament or Vatican buildings”


These two contrasting feelings were becoming clearer and clearer, I was extremely torn between the two and I was beginning to feel the strain.


I wanted to keep going at all costs, but I did not want to become the victim of a terrorist conspiracy, I thought about the stop in the rest area and when I picked up the books, surely the security cameras were taping me.


What would my woman have thought of me, my family, all my friends?


If they were really going to indoctrinate me to commit atrocious acts, what kind of legacy would I leave behind me?


I felt more and more hot, I was looking at the thermometer in the car which strangely would fluctuate between 34 to 45 degrees, the voices were becoming more and more menacing: “Continue on Luca, you can no longer go back, if you do, we will eliminate you”.


I was in full panic, I was sweating profusely and a fly kept stopping on my nose, every attempt to wave it off was futile.


At the same time the wound on my knee began to bleed, I tried to stop the bleeding with my hand and that’s when I noticed that even from the mosquito wounds there was some blood coming out.


I screamed “What the F… is happening!!!”


By now the telepathic presence was completely negative, it gave me no more hope and my head felt like it was about to explode.


In the middle of all this terror, an image in my mind was beginning to form, they were the stern looks from the people I saw days earlier in front of my sister’s bar during the procession of the Madonna.


All those people that were staring at me with a judging look were weighing heavy inside my soul, like a boulder.


I rounded all that was left of my courage and I shouted at the top of my lungs “Go and F… yourselves!! Get rid of me, I am not an assassin, I will certainly not be the author of a massacre!!”


I took the first exit on the highway, sure that they would promptly come to get me and eliminate me, but strangely I felt a relief that I had never felt before.


I was no longer worried about dying, I felt a great relief for not having contributed to cause harm to other people, my conscience was clear.


The temperature in the car dropped again to 34 degrees, the air became breathable again, and the blood stopped flowing from my leg wounds, now everything seemed to be lighter.


I felt such an interior bliss that I can not describe it, I truly felt at peace with myself.


I ran out of cigarettes and I thought that if they were really coming to get me, at least I wanted to smoke one more cigarette.


The fear had vanished, I was ready for anything.


I stopped at the first shop on the road, at the exit of the shop there was a black man there, selling necklaces and other ethnic objects, typical merchandise of someone who is trying to eke out some money to barely make a living.


I left him almost all the money I had in my wallet, I could see in his eyes and in his expression that he had a familiar look, and with an extremely reassuring look he told me:


“Now you understand what I really important, don’t you?”


I nodded slightly to him, and his face turned into a full expression of joy.


I went back to my car, as I lit my cigarette I was thinking (I am ready, now they will come to get rid of me).


Right in that precise moment, the telepathic presence came back to me with these words:


“Hello Luca, still smoking, are we…. You see what lengths the human being can go to with the use of deceit?


The ego makes us do things that are wrong, and in the worst of cases even terrible things.


A few years ago you were blinded by your Ego, you only and exclusively thought of yourself and of your pain, you did not notice that around you many people suffered a lot more than you and for problems that were much more serious?


It was a paternal voice, I was surrounded by a protective sphere, I had never felt it before, the feeling of bliss was growing inside me, but nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see and feel during my drive back home.


This presence kept communicating with me, it knew even my deepest thoughts, in fact I will go as far as saying that it was even foreseeing what I was about to think.


I felt like a child that had learned a lesson and I was overwhelmed with joy.


I did not know what was communicating with me right there and then, but I can guarantee that I had a strong sensation of having God inside me.


The internal peace I felt is not comparable with anything on earth, and you can reach it by losing all prejudices and all human fears.


I once again took the highway to go back home, I was wondering what I was going to tell Sabrina, and right in that moment I received a call from her:


“Where are you Luca!!? I kept calling you but you did not reply, I am worried! Come home right away!!!”


“If I told you, you would not believe me, I am in the vicinity of Florence, and you can go ahead and think that I am crazy, but I was about to make a very bad mistake, later, if I manage to, I will tell you all about it .


I could feel her presence inside me, I was like connected with everything, there are no rational explanations to describe those moments, I can only say that I was not dreaming or suffering from hallucinations.


It was all so absurd, but at the same time real, I was perfectly lucid and with my wits about me, just like as I am writing now.


I felt he was like a father figure, he was even funny, because he pulled a little joke in the car: I wanted to light up my cigarette but strangely I could not find my lighter anywhere, I tried using the car lighter but that did not work either, suddenly I felt a little object grow inside the pocket of my pants, I put my hand inside the pocket and I found a lighter with an image of a nice woman, almost naked.


I was thinking how could that be possible, but then again, the entire day had been unbelievable, perhaps he was testing my faith and I decided to open the car window and throw it away. I could feel his joyous presence smiling, and then he told me: “That was clever! And now how are you going to light up your cigarette?” I started laughing so heartily, like I had never laughed before, I could not even stop, and he was laughing with me.


He was probably preparing me for what very soon I was about to witness, he was preparing my soul to withstand such an extreme beauty, my heart had to keep up.


Even words are limited to explain what I saw at the exit of that tunnel, aside from the infinite interior peace that I felt in that moment, I could see in the sky a massive rainbow, the clouds gathered up in the shape for an even bigger tree, illuminated by the rainbow.


From the left I could see a trail of (clouds) coming very fast my way, actually it was more like rings, many rings, one after the other.


This trail kept hitting this tree, shattering it in a thousand pieces.


What a sensation, many colored pieces that where shining.


I could see the cars passing me, and I realized that it was only me who could see those things, I was even sticking my head out of the window to see if it was real.


I thought “this must mean that I am dead, and I am traveling to Paradise”


What brought me back to reality was the umpteenth phone call from Sabrina, very worried, I was explaining to her what I was seeing, and this worried her even more, so she decided to stay on the phone with me for a very long time.


Slowly the sky returned to normality, and without any clouds, but the surprises did not stop there.


I was almost home, I only had two more exists to go, when on the right hand side I read (exit for Reggiolo Rolo)


I was thinking, “Good, well done, I am almost home: but after driving a few more miles I read once again the same sign (exit for Reggiolo Rolo). How can that be! I had just driven past it.


I drove on for about 5 or 6 kilometers, and over and over again, the same exit on my right.


I think I drove past it at least 12 times.


Sabrina is calling me, desperate, telling me to come home immediately, and I replied shouting to her: “I am trying, but I don’t seem to be able to exit!!!”


There was only one thing for me to do, take that exit to Reggiolo Rolo.


Once I took the exit, I felt this presence say “Goodness, it took you a long time to get it!” and it started laughing again.


After a few turns and a few hundred meters, I was driving up a bridge, and as I was driving up, I began to feel a strong heat starting from my legs and at the same time a strong light entering the cabin of my car.


I looked up and I distinctly saw the sun, but it did not bother my eyes, it had a never-before seen power and brilliance, my eyes were not burning.


I started to cry uncontrollably and said “I do not deserve a vision like this, I do not deserve it!!”


I made it home, I won’t get into details on what I had to invent to explain my escapade to Sabrina and to my employer.


For months and months after that I kept asking myself what it was that I saw, what it was that I was dealing with.


My thoughts kept going towards contacts with aliens, or maybe spiritual entities, or even people coming from the future through some absurd technology that was thousands of years ahead of us.


I started writing my entire story, right up to this point, on the ufologia.biz website.


In those sites I too was looking for someone who might have experienced similar events, and to be honest I did find someone, it’s just that stories are too difficult to explain and often we give up trying.


I kept asking myself the same questions over and over again…. Who am I!!!! What’s the reason for those clouds!!!! What does it all mean!!!!


Even the tree, what does it mean!!!!


Since I was a child I would draw trees, in fact I remember I would draw the tree first, and then everything else around it.


I even remember a dream I had when I was 15 or 16, where I found myself in the middle of a road and I saw a majestic tree in the sky.


A few months ago I went to visit my sister, playing on the floor was my little one-year old nephew.


All of a sudden he turns around and he gives me the most radiant smile, in his eyes I saw all the innocence of the world, and that’s when I had the answer.


It was crystal clear, transparent, and with no trickery.























Now my life continues on exactly like before, with the only difference that in the dark days, or when I am a little sad, I think of that day in my car, I think of that sun, those clouds, and everything takes on new colors.


In the evening I look up to the sky, and I stare at the stars, this gesture is sufficient to understand that death does not exist.


I think of those people who believe in the power of money and do everything they can to become rich, for them I feel a profound sense of sorrow, because they will never see the beauty which I have been able to witness.


I would love to shout out loud to these people that life on earth is only a passage, only a kind of school for all that will happen later.


Our actions and our choices will determine our future after our earthly experience.


The actions done with the heart are never wrong, it’s just that very few people realize that, the majority of the times we prefer to listen to that damned ego that stops us from living our lives the way they should really be lived.


I Understood What Is Really Important In Life Part 3 was the testimonial of Luca



I Understood What Is Important In Life 3 Experiences


I Understood What Is Important In Life 3


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