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The Angels Inspire Children Choice Of Name

The Angels Inspire Children Choice Of Name Of A Child


The Angels Inspire Children Choice Of Name : dear Sara Luce, it’s been a long time since I visited your beautiful website, in the past it used to be my evening ritual, when everyone in the house was asleep, I have been meaning to write to you for a while now, to tell you about some of my “strange” experiences; two nights ago I was deep in the silence of the night, awake, thinking about my dad who flew up to the Sky two years ago, and of my mum who joined him last year, I was feeling melancholy and a very deep sense of sadness, so I don’t know why but I typed Angels in the search engine, and in front of my eyes there it was, your webpage.


I read countless testimonials that immediately made me feel more at peace, and now I would love to tell you one of my own, I only ask you to not judge me because I am about to share the most horrible and sad thing that I ever did in my life, very few know about this thing, because I am so embarrassed by it.


It was December when I dreamed that I was pregnant with our third child … What is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a woman, in my case turned into a tragedy, my husband went into crisis mode, we already had two children, he told me that it was not possible to have a third one “we can not afford it” , like we were about to buy a new car …. I can’t tell you the period of hell that I went through, I was accompanied to the station to catch a train with my children, an entire day spent inside the train to reach my mum and move in with her.


And there is where the hardest month began … I no longer had a husband, I found myself alone with two small children and one in my womb, without a future. He would call me and tell me that if I wanted to go back I would have to terminate the pregnancy, his family hated me as if I did something unspeakable … in any case, in the end I decided to do what I never wanted to do … I remember the image of the ultrasound just before I fell asleep, a little hand …. It was waiving me goodbye …


It was the 18th of January, a day that I will never forget …. I went back home and my husband moved out …. and after three months of separation, even though I should have hated him with all of myself, we decided to move back together. I lived for years with the torment of the memory and the thought of that little hand … My angel should have been born at the beginning of August, and every year during these days I have been hearing the voice of a little boy …. even the other night, when I happened to see your site …. and I immediately remembered that during this time of the year he would have turned 6 ….


Things went well between us, until March 2008 when one night, while we were in bed, we heard in the corridor a door open and slam shut immediately after … my husband got up immediately and started pacing around the house, thinking that someone had entered, whereas I strangely remained in bed feeling rather serene ….. A few days later I discovered that I was pregnant, the nightmare started all over again, he did not want to hear about it, but this time I decided that I would rather be dead than do that horrible thing again …. those wounds never heal …. I spent my pregnancy practically alone, he became a monster, he treated me badly even in front of the children, but I kept on going, with my children and with my new little life inside me.


We reach the end of the pregnancy, and with that the choice of a name; his family, which had disappeared from my life right up until then, showed up and expected to be the ones choosing the name, a name that I would have even agreed to give to the baby, if it had not been for the fact that they imposed upon me …. It was the name of my husband’s brother, who committed suicide …. In those days my children, I don’t know why, came up with the name Thomas … I did not like it very much, and my husband was beginning to side with his family …. and so it was that in those days every thing that we did brought up the name Thomas …. during the movies …. in kids’ cartoons …. one day a girlfriend suggested that I research the meaning of the name …. I looked it up on my pc and I typed “meaning of name Thomas”, and this is what came up.


“Maybe some parents decided to call their child ‘Thomas’, hoping that he might become a philosopher and a Theologist like Saint Thomas of Aquino, his commemorative day is 18th January. And, while they wait for their child to become what they hoped, in the meantime at school or in the family someone sooner or later will tell him: ‘You are like St. Thomas, who does not believe unless he sees it for himself!’. That was actually Saint Thomas the Apostle, celebrated every 3rd of July, who before believing in the resurrection of the Christ, who had appeared to the other Apostles while he was absent, said: ‘If I don’t see in his hands the sign of the nails and if I don’t put my finger in the place where the nails used to me, and if I don’t touch his chest, I shall not believe!’. Thanks to this and many other Saints, the name spread throughout the early Medieval times. It derives from the Aramaic To’ma, which literally meant ‘twin of an unknown brother’.. It was then translated into Greek Thomis and into Latin Thomas, which then subsequently became ‘Thomasus’.


TWIN OF AN UNKNOWN BROTHER, celebrated every 18th of January …. Coincidence? ….. or is my Angel relieving me of my pain by sending me his little brother? … needless to say that my boy is called Thomas, and he is the joy of all of us, including my husband, who, after I told him the entire story and after having seen our little baby for the first time, has become a different man.


I just felt like telling you about my experience, and I thank you for dedicating your time to me.


A hug


The Angels Inspire Children Choice Of Name Of A Child was the testimonial of Teresa



The Angels Inspire Children Choice Of Name Of A Child


The Angels Inspire Children Choice Of Name


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