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Guardian Angel The Shadow Of My Guardian

Guardian Angel The Shadow Of My Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel The Shadow Of My Guardian: dearest Sara, I always follow you with affection and with devotion, you have no idea how important your website it, both in dark times and in happy times, it’s always a pleasure to read your prayers, your messages, your testimonials; something happened to me and I can not help but share it with you, to confirm for the umpteenth time just how close our Guardian Angels are to us.


As for my own Guardian Angel, it had been a while since we communicated, I did not seem to succeed in establishing a concrete contact, I felt as if I had a cold and somehow I could not reach that state of mind that allowed me to hear him.


But I also know why! I have been living in a wonderful relationship for the last two years, it’s full of love, my happiness is always through the roof, it makes me live every day, every difficult situation, with harmony, with calm. It is really true that Love is the medicine for the soul, it’s the driving engine of us human beings! I followed your advice, I decided to go live with him while seeking and planning a way to leave my job, my house, my family, and I guarantee you that it was much easier to do it, than to talk about it. This last summer I was in heaven with happiness and I was hoping from my heart to manage to put in place the project that would have allowed every person who works with me to keep their job and to allow me to move from the city.


Unfortunately the economic crisis is very much here, we felt it clearly, and it forced me to go back and manage directly all operations, thus all my dreams came crashing down. Since I did not have a job and no income I had started to accumulate expenses that I could not afford to pay, and I was forced to sell the car. I was feeling sad and unhappy; not so much for the car, but for my love that because of all this I was not going to be able to meet up with, to live, to love daily. Desperation, together with the sadness from the previous days, prevailed over my free will when, a few days ago, I received a tax bill for 62,000 Euros. I collapsed in tears and in desperation I asked my God what I was supposed to learn from this experience, what is the teaching that I was supposed to take home from this.


But it does not work that way!!! I know …. We are the ones who create those situations, we are responsible for what happens, I did learn this.


I ask for help, desperately. I pray day and night. Only this way, feeling myself close to God, to the Virgin Mary, to my Angel, I keep going. I seek solutions, I try to wiggle out of various problems, and in the meantime I pray ….. and I receive signs, little coincidences that I notice, I see and I understand, until this morning when I decide to go and sell the family jewelry, not even knowing where to start, feeling so humiliated to get rid of those emotionally valuable objects, symbol of what my daughter would have inherited. I feel like I failed miserably, I don’t know what else to do, and I pray in the darkness of my room. I wake up, still in the darkness, and while the only feeble light in my room comes from my cell phone, I notice that on the wall at the side of my bed there is a shadow!!!!


Sara, my dear!!! You have to believe me, the head and the open wings that rise up from the head, just like many drawings from Angel books!!! The silhouette of the shadow was that of an Angel!!! The top half of an Angel. I stared at that shadow for a long time, afraid it would vanish, then I noticed that the combination of the light on my cell phone and the lampshade was what created that shape on the wall.


As I was staring at that shape, I felt a very strange feeling inside me, my legs were hurting, especially my knees, just like it had already happened on another occasion, so I went down on my knees and I prayed. I sold the gold, I found a very kind and gentle person. I was able to get a lot of money from it which will allow me to meet any expenses, I did not feel guilty and I separated calmly from my material possessions, even though they had emotional value, in the end they were just things …. Better times will come, I am sure! For the moment I am happy to be here, fighting, working, and like Jesus said in your last message, learn from the experience in every day, feel the emotion that makes the heart be grateful.


My companion is close to me even in these moments, and over time we will certainly manage to fulfill our projects.


My dearest Angel always helps me like I believe all Angels do, even though we are the ones who create the mess.

A strong hug for you,


Guardian Angel The Shadow Of My Guardian Angel was the testimonial of Ivana



Guardian Angel The Shadow Of My Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel The Shadow Of My Guardian


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