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Extrasensory Perceptions Children See Spirits

Extrasensory Perceptions Children Who See The Spirits Testimonials


Extrasensory Perceptions Children See Spirits : dearest and sweetest Sara Luce, my name is Tiziana, we talked for the first time back in 2007 when you let me receive two wonderful messages of love from my brother Daniel, who passed away in December 2005, coming from the Father and from Jesus; in 2008, after various difficulties, I finally became the mother of a beautiful little boy, Mattia, who today is almost 4 years old, his birthday is the first of October and it’s about him that I want to talk to you about.


For several months now he has been telling me that he sees people who have passed away, my brother Daniel, my father in law who passed three years ago, the mother of a brother in law, whom I never even met, she passed 18 years ago, and in particular he says that he receives frequent visits from my old cat Lady, who passed over a year ago.


He tells me that they come to say hello, they play with him and often the cat Lady rests on my legs, waiting for my caresses!!!


The thing that shook me the most happened yesterday: we were in the bathroom, and while he was waiting for me to shower him, he recited a part of the Hail Mary prayer …


He only said “Hail Mary, full of grace, Our Lord is with thee.”… These were his words, at which point I asked him if he was reciting the prayer and he said yes!!!


After the major shock left me, I asked him who taught him the prayer, and his first answer was: nobody …. smiling embarrassedly.


Last night, before he fell asleep, we were talking about my brother, my father in law and my cat, and so I took advantage of the moment to ask him if by any chance he had seen the little Madonna, and he told me NO …. then I said: so who taught you the HAIL MARY then? And he said: Jesus came to me!!!


You can imagine my rush of emotions when I heard his answer.


I will clarify that I am a very, very religious person, I teach Religion in the primary school, but I especially believe in life after death …. and often I speak to him about the uncle who is in the Sky, like my father in law and my cat ….


Everything started from him though, I would have never ever imagined that my brother could come and play with him, just like my cat and other people who have passed.


I have written all this to you because after the recital of the Hail Mary and the visit from Jesus I was let speechless … but happy, especially if this is really true and not the product of his imagination.


I believe him very much, not only that, when he tells me about them, I drop everything I am doing and I give him my undivided attention. Is it all right if I do that? What do you think about all this? Is it possible the JESUS would show up to Mattia and teach him the Hail Mary? … where else could he have heard it?!


When I pray I try to do it alone, in the peace and quiet of my bedroom, in front of the statue of the Madonna of Medjugorje which sits on my bedside cabinet, and he rarely hears me.


Sorry if I took so much of your time, but I needed to talk about it with someone who would not think I have gone crazy ….


I would like to know what you think and how I should continue to be with Mattia …


Thank you for your most precious help, as always I have you in my heart and with infinite affection I hug you warmly and I send you lots of big kisses.


Extrasensory Perceptions Children Who See The Spirits Testimonials was the testimonial of Tiziana



Extrasensory Perceptions Children See Spirits Testimonials


Extrasensory Perceptions Children See Spirits


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