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Guardian Angel A Sign from the Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel A Sign from the Guardian Angel


Hello to everyone from Sara Luce, in about a week, on the 2nd of October, will be the celebration of Guardian Angel Day; today I chose for all of you this short but meaningful testimonial, once again it talks about a child, a little girl to be exact, who became the means to comforting for her mum thanks to the inspiration of a Guardian Angel. The girl, Annalisa, who is now a fully grown girl, tells us:


Hello, I am 17 years old and I would like to tell you something about what happened to me while I was still going to kindergarten. My mother often had problems with me and my brother, we were always fighting. On top of that, I detested going to kindergarten, and my older brother hated going to school, so much so that we drove my mother crazy every single morning. One day, she told me, she was feeling so dejected, she did not know what to do, so she said: My Angel, if you are here, please give me a sign!


That morning, in kindergarten, I decided to make a drawing for my mum. Guess what I drew …. an Angel! Once home I gave it to her and I immediately noticed her shocked expression. She had tears in her eyes, so I innocently asked her if she did not like it! And that’s when she explained everything to me. Sometimes we still think of that coincidence, which was certainly a sign from our Guardian Angel!


Guardian Angel A Sign from the Guardian Angel was the testimonial of Annalisa


Guardian Angel A Sign from the Guardian Angel


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