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The Voices Inside Seeking A Deep Meaning

The Voices Inside Seeking A Deep Meaning Of Things Happening Around Us


The Voices Inside Seeking A Deep Meaning


My desire to tell others about my life experiences has been so strong it made me write these pages, the story of a journey, perhaps similar to that of countless other people, yet still unique and different, also sprinkled with ordinary episodes, for me rich with unique moments that have left a permanent mark, helping me reflect on the reason for our own existence here, making me stop wasting the time that has been given to me.


During our journey we receive some very precise messages, indications that it would be good for us to follow, that can guide us in a meaningful way toward our destiny, sometimes even saving our lives. It’s not always easy to interpret what is happening to us, or even do it correctly, and especially when it seems illogical to listen to what people commonly refer to as “intuitions”.


But what is intuition anyway if not a subtle perception that is tuned in to a particular frequency? The “sixth sense” which has been forced on to modern scientific studies, among the unknown abilities of our brain, to which everything seems to have to be connected to.


And again, what do dreams represent, premonitions, those strange events in life that are hurriedly catalogued as “coincidences”.


So what is it then, a life size game of “naval battles”, where ships are hit and sunk, or perhaps they continue to remain afloat because the missile missed the target.


In this game that is called life, are we the missiles? Or are we the players, clever strategists, ready to stay in the game until the very end, humoring ourselves thinking that we can win this game!


In this game that is life, are we the targets? Or are we the players, cunning strategists, ready to remain in the game till the very end, thinking disingenuinely that we can win it! It’s not easy to formulate an answer, but I believe that, metaphorically, we could interpret well our role of “players” by trying to work through the game till the end, without cheating, stopping to reflect before turning our thoughts into action and thus making our winning move, but sometimes, by letting ourselves be guided by the sublime instinct that leads us to the right solution.


Every individual is not alone in going through his “mission” and the outcome of it will mostly depend upon his ability to listen to what I refer to as the “voices from inside”. Defined as such by famous artists, thinkers and comedians, they are however impossible to define in any other way because this is how they are perceived by those who listen to them. It’s not a hallucination, but a Spirit that becomes advice, support and guide through difficult moments and during those tests that to us human beings sometimes appear to be insurmountable.


The human being, if he chooses to, can become the instrument of Superior support, thus receiving all benefits of an extraordinary bond that accompanies us every day, forever, generated in a dimension of love and serenity to which we have to look to, and towards which we are all destined, not far from us any more than what we want it to be, and as close as we want to perceive it.


All of our beliefs, often purchases without conviction, prayers recited by heart, they are not part of a truth that surrounds us and that we can live consciously starting from now.


This is the message that I suggest to send to you, with a lot of modesty but with the certainty of having taken the right road, hoping that others will also be able to do the same


The truth is not distant from us, it’s among us!





1.The dream


That morning I woke up with a strange anguish, I had overnighted at my parent’s house, from which I had moved out of a few years earlier, to begin my independent life. I was already a young army officer and I was proud of it. In those days we living in had been my safe haven for a long time, and nothing was alluding to the sad events that were about to happen soon after that. I had a bad awakening and I immediately remembered the dream that had been the cause of it, I rushed to tell my wife about it, and then I repeated it to my whole family in detail.


I remember, today just like back then, the vision, the door of the house that was wide open, and a sense of fear that was assailing me, then a spring toward the entrance to see who was coming in, and there he was, waiting for me, my uncle Salvatore, the brother of my father Nino, bare footed, he looked at me in the eyes and said “Look what I brought for you”. I looked into the landing area and I saw the shapes in the air of my grandmothers, Cecilia and Margherita, who had passed a few years prior. Their bodies, dressed with long white camises, suspended off the floor, were moving forward in a beeline, toward the house, their looks were cold and impenetrable. They walked into the entrance, through part of the corridor, reaching the living room, and then I did not remember anything else.


After some time a big tragedy was about to happen for my whole family, sadly preannounced, of which only later I was going to bitterly reckon with.


Once the brief holiday ended I returned to Latina Italy, where I had transferred with my young wife, who at the time was expecting. I was serene, and convinced that I would not stay in that city longer than necessary, and then obtain a transfer to my beloved city of Naples. It was not long, perhaps a week, in that month of December I was waiting for the usual visit from my parents but my dad told me on the phone that he was not feeling well, it was the first time that he did not visit me or spend some time with me. Sometimes, when I was not married yet, he often accompanied me to work early, to then go back to Naples by train. We would travel together by car for a couple of hours, he would fall asleep at my side, and I was calm because he was with me. I still remember it, saying goodbye from that damp station, alone, but happy that he had kept me company. So I would jump back in the car and I would see his face getting smaller on the rearview mirror, and his hand waving in the air. He was proud of me, and I was thankful for his immense affection. Nevertheless all this nice dream had to inevitably come crashing down.


I did not want to accept the idea that my dad was sick, but when I went to the hospital, leaving in a hurry without even taking the time to change my uniform, I realized that this time was different from all other times. He did not have the strength to come toward me, he was sitting on a gurney in the hospital ward, swollen and with a dark complexion. But he smiled at me and that calmed me down.


After a brief chat with the doctor, who deemed dad’s situation not very serious, I embraced him once again before leaving, that was the last time I would do that. His condition worsened quickly in the following days, and I did not even have the opportunity to come to grasp with what was happening, I was so busy with work and with the difficulties due to the distance that separated us.


Then one tragic night, uncle Salvatore, told me on the phone that they needed me to be with the family. I decided to leave, I let my superiors know about it, then I called my wife, I took her hand, crying, I knew my father would have never been able to see his grandchildren be born, and I could not resign myself to the idea. Then, once the crying subsided, I started to pray, turning to my grandma Cecilia with all of the strength and desperation I had. I asked her to listen to me, so my father would no longer suffer, and, in the end, I asked her for a sign; so, in that precise moment, the phone in the bedroom rang, and only I knew why it rang. I told my wife not to answer it because it was just my “sign”. The phone stopped ringing immediately and I knew the answer I was looking for. That same night my father fell asleep and his sufferings ended.


The following morning we reached Naples, my family was waiting for me, I remember my mother Giulia’s desperation and the liberating scream that once I saw my dad in his coffin I could not help but release. There were other people in that room, other two coffins were aligned next to his, and the father blessed the corpses among the consternation of the loved ones present there. I hugged my mother close to me, as well as my sister Cecilia, and suddenly I saw that my father’s face was beginning to relax, that tense smile that I had seen a moment before quickly changed into a serene smile. I suddenly perceived his message of calm and urging to give support to others. From that moment I no longer shed tears for him, but I felt surrounded by a strange internal strength, I heard his voice inside me. We reached our home, we were all a little tired, and the guests needed some food, I tried to do my best, chatting with everyone and giving the impression of having the situation under control.


Then the evening arrived, we said goodbye to everyone, and soon after that, we were seized by a sense of desperation, even though for a couple of days it felt like it had moved away from us.


The time for meditation arrived, but also for pain and powerlessness, my mother and my sister would talk to each other, my wife and I were in the room where I grew up in my teenage years, such wonderful and carefree days. At some point,  I was once again taken by that sensation that I had already felt earlier in the day, I felt I had to follow a will that was not mine, the voice was clear inside me, and even the question: I had to take the Bible on the shelf in that same room. It was a Bible bound with a red cover, nobody had opened it for many years, it was in its place together with other books that I had used for my university studies. I picked it up reluctantly and I opened it without thinking, I tried to realize what was happening and I started reading carefully the content of the page that I had chosen without really looking. It was a passage from the Holy Text, some people were described as they cried during a funeral for the death of a loved one, then Jesus comes close to them and reassures them letting them know that their tears had no reason to be because we are all linked to the same fate, as it is not the end of our days, but the beginning of a new one. Finally I understood the message that I had received, I gathered my loved ones and I read them the passage from the Bible. They were all a little incredulous, but I knew that what had just happened to me was not the subject of my will, and I felt inside the conviction that my father’s death had been, in some way, preannounced through my dream, from two people in my life that played an important emotional role in our family, my loved granddaughters.


To be continued …..


The Voices Inside Seeking A Deep Meaning Of Things Happening Around Us was told by Carlo


The Voices Inside Seeking A Deep Meaning Of Things Happening Around Us


The Voices Inside Seeking A Deep Meaning


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