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The Voices Inside Seeking A Deep Meaning

The Voices Inside Seeking A Deep Meaning Of Things Second Part


The Voices Inside Seeking A Deep Meaning Of Things : today I will present the second part of the experience narrated to us by Carlo; the first part can be found here www.leparoledegliangeli.com/en/angels/3320-the-voices-inside-seeking-a-deep-meaning-of-things-happening-around-us.html; Carlo told us about his foreboding dream and of the experiences that followed, let’s continue to listen to him.


2. The accident.


The experience of the loss of my father heightened my sensitivity, strengthening some of its subtler aspects.


The following years went by serenely and the happiness from my family and work seemed to have pushed away those moments.


I no longer dreamed of my grandmothers, even though once again, the presence of grandma Cecilia, returned to make itself known unexpectedly.



That morning I was returning home from work, I was sharing the ride with a colleague, the same road for years and years, a little strip of asphalt, straight and narrow, embraced on both sides by a long row of trees, the roots of which had created unsafe bulges underneath the asphalt. Suddenly, as if in a nightmare, we saw a car in front of us, across the road, sitting on both lanes. I was not going fast that day, but I had to very quickly maneuver the car several times, and at one point I was quite certain that I could not completely avoid the impact with that car, I clutched the steering wheel while my colleague held himself as safe as he could. Just before the impact, I felt a sensation, a feeling of warmth, of protection and tranquility, as if I was inside a cloud. Everything lasted only a few seconds, my car managed to avoid a frontal impact with the other car, thus sparing us the worst. We all escaped unscathed from this misadventure, and were looking at each other in disbelief, noticing the serious damage to both vehicles, with the knowledge that things could have ended very differently.


What happened in those moments is something I can not describe easily, the sensation of safety that I felt was not the result of hallucination, or some chemistry of our nervous system.


I felt, at that time, the motherly presence of my grandma Cecilia who, inexplicably, manifested herself to me, in some way, in a time of real danger for my life.


Since that time I no longer felt her presence, and I no longer felt situations that were similar to, or anywhere as pleasant as those that I still am not able to describe!



3.The illness


2005, that was without doubt the most significant year of my life, and once again a strange dream foreshadowed my imminent future.


I was in a hospital with my sister, yellow and orange lights, a long corridor, then suddenly a lot of people in a corner, covered in blood, a lot of blood, and my sister saying goodbye and leaving.


I did not pay attention to the dream and I continued my days as normal, but soon after that, a winter evening, something strange happened.


It was cold, I was cozy and warm under my covers, that afternoon I planned to not get up for anything and anybody in the world, but soon enough I ended up changing my plans … Once again that strange sensation took hold of me, it forced me to get dressed and made me go for a check up even though I did not suffer from any problems. Almost disbelieving myself, soon enough, I found myself waiting in line to see my family doctor. That evening, when I entered her studio, the unthinkable happened. I had no idea what to tell her, I mustered some fake flu symptoms, and from there, my good doctor checked the back side of my chest, to inspect my lungs. Everything is good, she told me, but I did notice that you seem to have a lot of moles on your back, I would like to request a specialist visit to a dermatologist to have them checked out. She had known me for ten years, but she had never suggested it before!


The following day I found myself at the specialist office, he was greatly altered, he seemed to show more fear that I did, as he communicated to me that he found a melanoma on my skin. They were moments of pure panic, even though it only lasted a few moments, because immediately after that, a lucid serenity entered me.  It was time to tell my parents, then a phone call to my sister, the one I saw in my dream …. She told me to go to Naples where she lived, for a more in depth visit, I took her advice, as if I had any other alternatives. I left that afternoon with a strange feeling of security, I was certain everything would go well, but I had nothing to pin those hopes on. And that’s when the “coincidences” started happening: I was half way through my trip to Naples, when the headlights of two cars blinked at me from the rear, almost blinding me, to then pass my car and continue on. I had never seen two cars transporting a coffin, going so fast, and certainly it was the first time that I was being passed in such a macabre context, a certainly disrespectful behavior toward the deceased person that was being transported.  I was immediately convinced that the event I just witnessed had a certain meaning reserved for me.


I reached Naples soon after that, that evening I was already having my second specialist visit, performed by an assistant of a very well known professional in the dermatologic field. From him I received the first tepid reassurances, then I spent the evening with my family, waiting to undergo the next visit which was to take place in a couple of days.


That morning, I left the house to go to the hospital, I tried to cross the road, but I had to stop because I had to give way, astonishingly, to two cars that were transporting another dead person. What a strange coincidence, within just a few days!


I reached the ward and, with great surprise, I saw the very same place that I had seen in my strange dream, illuminated by the very same lights, a long and rather narrow corridor. “How strange”, I thought. Here I am, being visited by a doctor that was known for being an expert in curing melanoma, a very hands-down and congenial man. He visited me, and calmed me down regarding the outcome of the illness, and set a date for a surgery.


I spent the following days before the surgery in a strange tranquility, an internal peace I had never felt before, then the time eventually came. That morning I was serene, I found myself once again in that very hospital corridor, which was located in an underground passageway of an extremely renowned clinic, which was the undertaking of my “savior” doctor, who turned the building into a dermatology center for the town of Naples. One of the surgeons welcomed me, he was as young as me, and coincidentally he too had had surgery for the same condition, not too long ago.


He operated on me, everything went without complications.


A few days later my sister told me, in tears, the positive outcome of the biopsy from my surgery, and I was almost not surprised at all. I got up, embraced her, and then went to the bathroom to wash my face, I turned the radio on, and without selecting a channel, a speaker, which turned out to be a preacher, was preaching the power of miracles in Jesus. I believe it was Radio Maria, which I never listen to, since back in those days what kept me company were songs from Pino Daniele, however in that moment, once again as if by magic, I understood that all that had happened was a miracle, I recognized the signature of the Author of that fundamental episode of my life. It was not chance, it was not luck, it was all absolutely directed from Above.


To be continued ….


The Voices Inside Seeking A Deep Meaning Of Things Second Part was told by Carlo


The Voices Inside Seeking A Deep Meaning Of Things Second Part


The Voices Inside Seeking A Deep Meaning Of Things


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