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Premonitions Premonitory Dreams Voices Inside

Premonitions Premonitory Dreams Voices Inside Testimonial Third Part


Premonitions Premonitory Dreams Voices Inside : what is premonitory dreams, today, with the third part, we will conclude Carlo’s testimonial from Voices Inside; the first part can be found here www.leparoledegliangeli.com/en/angels/3320-the-voices-inside-seeking-a-deep-meaning-of-things-happening-around-us.html; the second part can be found here www.leparoledegliangeli.com/en/angels/3322-the-voices-inside-seeking-a-deep-meaning-of-things-second-part.html; Carlo told us of his premonitory dream, and about his experiences after that; he told us of the presence he felt next to him at the time of the accident, then he described a new premonitory dream and the period of illness and his miracle; let’s continue to listen to him.


4. Coincidences


Through coincidences, one understands an accident or a random event that happens unexpectedly.


A coincidence does not bear a cause and effect rapport, and neither it requires one. From a statistical point of view, coincidences are actually inevitable, and often, less random than we instinctively can conceive.


This, reduced in few terms is the scientific thought regarding coincidence, however I believe, from my very modest experience, that things are not exactly like that.


Without doubt I owe my own life to the latest accurate interpretation of a message sent to me with love from a dimension that often we are not able to perceive, all wrapped up by the thousands of daily preoccupations, from the anguish of our perceived loneliness.


So it’s these coincidences, these little or big helping gestures, not always explainable with human logic, sometimes not even asked for, some other times conditioned by our choices, however always, evidently decisive.


After having acquired an awareness of this, I started to pay more attention to everything that had happened to me over the years, and that has continued to happen to me with even greater frequency and intensity, and from a close examination of my journey, I recalled some clear episodes, some clear photographs that time can not erase.


There had been a real flood that day in my new town, all drivers were in difficulty with their cards, the ambulances and fire rescue resources were very busy, yet the water continued to flood streets, I had never seen so much water. I was attempting to go back home, but my brand new car stopped running, and despite many attempts, it would not start again.


The water was beginning to seep through the bottom of the car doors and the situation had become dire. At that point I forcefully and desperately talked to my father, who had left me some time before, asking for his help. I tried to start the car again. What a coincidence…. The car started immediately and I was able to reach my destination, driving by many other cars that would no longer start.


I am sure you too have experienced losing something and finding it in some absurd places, well, this is exactly what happened to me too, the only difference being, as usual, that I don’t believe it was a coincidence.


Imagine an entire family mobilized to look for a key, and having gone through meticulously the entire apartment, with techniques that could have come straight from the best investigators, I had to finally concede to the inevitable loss that meant the necessity to replace the door lock as well as many other inconveniences. Before I went to bed I thought that perhaps someone else might have been able to help me, so I waited. On the way to go to work I kept thinking of the fact that those keys could not have just vaporized, we always placed them in the same spot, nobody would carry the keys with them because they were only needed for inside the house. I started my day at work and as usual I opened the bag to take out what I needed, I was telling my misfortune to my colleagues at work, rather unnerved, when my face went completely pale, the keys had literally materialized inside my briefcase. I was literally speechless, but unmistakably sure of what had just happened. Those keys were not supposed to be there, they had never been put there, and in any case, the briefcase had been carefully searched by me the night before. What a coincidence!


I don’t know what people think of premonitions, if I was an epicurean, I would categorically say that it was a matter, once again, of mere and simple coincidences, but I am convinced that this is not the case.


It appears that facts that could be attributed to the category of premonitions are actually fairly common, and I will describe a couple of episodes where I was a recent protagonist.


I was in my vehicle, without any apparent reason I had a “vision” while my eyes were wide open, during which I saw exactly two cars collide head-on. Everything lasted a few seconds, and suddenly, after a few hundred meters, in front of my eyes the scene I had already visualized took place. I observed astonished what was happening, and once I checked that the drivers did not need assistance, I continued with my journey. During that episode, I never lost control of my vehicle or suffered from altered consciousness.


Something similar happened not long ago.


I was on my sofa, during my afternoon rest, I was going to catch a train for Rome in a few hours, I was relaxed, but completely awake, suddenly I saw in my mind the image of a man on board a train carriage who was attacking some people, and I was in the same place as him, thinking about what to do to stop him.  Once again, a few seconds of vision, but well engraved in my mind. Later, I said goodbye to my mother and went to the train station, I took the underground to get there, and during a change of trains I noticed a man who stepped off the carriage where I was, evidently beside himself, he started to bang his fists on some advertising signs. I did not pay much attention to it, I got on the other train and, for a few seconds, I lost sight of that man. A few moments later, there is that young man again, he had come to sit down, so to speak, in the same section as mine, and I was standing there, right in front of him. Right then is when I connected my vision with what was happening right then, and everything coincided perfectly.


The man started undressing and bothering other passengers, brandishing a t-shirt and spitting on seats, I was monitoring the situation, ready to act if the need arose, then he got close to me, looking at me in the eyes, I did not move at all. He moved away from me, heading for another carriage. Once he got off at the train station, the man was apprehended by my colleagues who knew the subject very well, by then he seemed to have calmed down, I approached them and understood the situation, and decided to leave it there. As I was climbing the escalator, I was thinking of what had happened to me, it was really strange, don’t you think?


Helping others is the best way to receive positive energy! This is what I believe and what I try to do in my own little reality, even as a professional choice, even though it’s not always simple to do. In the following story, I will use fictitious names to protect the identity of the people involved.


Each one of you, during our lives, has had a best friend, or best girlfriend, even my daughter had one, with whom she is still very much in touch with. The roads between them separated temporarily due to their choices of studies, but not only that, Anna, this is the name of the protagonist, had lost her mother a few months earlier, for us, being adults, it was really a great trauma, but for a daughter, this was a tragedy.


The loss of this splendid mum, a veritable friend and life coach for Anna, represented also fro me a moment of great anguish. I prayed so much so that her life could be saved, and, that evening, I could not hold back the tears inside the Church, when I approached a nun, but in reality it felt like she had been waiting for me, I asked her if I could have a few pendants to bring to a seriously ill person. She opened the door to what seemed like a small shop that was located next to a shrine, and gave me a little card with the image of Saint Maria Goretti, entrusting me to lay it on the spot where the Saint was laying to rest, so as to bless it, and then take it with me and ask the sick person to wear it. I did everything exactly as she instructed me, I left some prayers and intentions written on a piece of paper, and with great emotion I left the Church. I asked my daughter to call Anna, and I told her to wait for me, I reached her home and as I left the car I moved toward her. I tried to console her and gave her the little pendant, resolving to pray for her.


All this did not work, that young mother, Maria, died, but I was not resigned, I knew that I still had something to follow through. I could feel inside Maria’s intentions, her worry about her daughter, and in that moment I received a message to find her daughter a secure and serious job, to help her live through the separation. It did not take long for me to do that, and after about a week, in front of my desk, in front of me, “as a pure coincidence”, there was a businessman, serious and well polished, managing director of a very successful local business.


He was in my office for work reasons, and so, he was explaining to me in much detail a series of facts that did not really have much to do with me, in reality, in that moment, I was not really interested in them. At that time, purely following my instinct, I interrupted him without fear, I apologized for the sudden change of subject, and asked him if he could find a job for a young girl who had just lost her mother and really needed to find some serenity, because of the very difficult financial situation her father was in.


I did not know that man very well, but I instinctively knew that right then he had been chosen as the unwitting beneficial tool to perform what I call “superior missions”. He understood the situation perfectly well, and it did not take him much time until Anna and I found ourselves in his office, a few days later, negotiating the terms of her new permanent job with excellent possibilities for a career.


Today Anna is not yet serene, but she is certainly much more secure than before, and perhaps the time will come when I will explain a few things to her. Her mother, I believe, continues with her journey, never losing sight of her loved ones.


I am even stronger than before!



5. We are not alone


Ironically, helping others is almost a selfish act, because it serves primarily to help ourselves in our life journeys.


My modest experiences lead me to believe that the return of positive energy we experience when we do something for the good of other people is such that it’s almost worth to always behave following certain ways.


In this jungle that is life, we are certainly not alone, as I said, but in addition to being helped by entities that are certainly superior to us, we are also sustained by our peers, who pursue their journeys in the name of good.


I am convinced that each one of us, if we make ourselves available for this task, can fine tune our spiritual part that characterizes us, thus becoming an “angel without wings”, albeit limited by his natural instincts and conditioned by evil, which, sadly, is inside us.


I believe that evil and suffering are the price that human beings have to pay for their freedom to be. A free will, therefore, affected by the fight against evil, but an immense gift because it allows us to be unique, part of the totality that belongs to us and from which we are temporarily detached.


Here, therefore, is why we are subject to these strange and contradicting instincts, sometimes low and violent, some other times pure and benevolent.


Each one of us apparently goes through their brief journey on earth, a tortuous journey, full of obstacles, hindered by thousands of human fears, but we can all choose to make the road safer by looking deep inside ourselves and taking stock of our potential.


We are all children of the Absolute.


Understanding the meaning of even the littlest things around us makes us stronger, to the point where almost nothing seems impossible to us.


In reality we are not alone, we just need to listen and not just hear, observe and not just look, live life with the imagination of children, make sure our dreams become truly a reality.


Practicing loyalty, honesty, it costs us sacrifices, but it always repays generously, and what seems to make no sense on this earth will make sense elsewhere, where we are destined to be.


I thank God for what has been granted to me, and I wish to repay him for his Love for me, by trying to make myself follow, not always successfully, what his Child taught us.


Do what you think needs to be done, put yourself out there, don’t wait for others to do it for you, you will see that along the road you will find you are not alone, and your effort will not have been in vain!


Premonitions Premonitory Dreams Voices Inside Testimonial Third Part was told by Carlo


Premonitions Premonitory Dreams Voices Inside Testimonial Third Part


Premonitions Premonitory Dreams Voices Inside


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