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Contact With Spirit Guide : dear Sara, I already wrote to you once before because of my sick sister, I wanted to tell you something that happened to me, when I was a girl, a lady told me that I had a Spirit Guide by the name of Lara, and that I could call upon her in moments of joy, of pain, every moment of my life, she was my Angel.


When my mother died following six months in hospital, I was completely run down from the pain, so much so that my husband decided to take me away for a few days just to get some rest. During the trip I kept looking at the sky and I would tell my husband about my Angel Lara. When we stopped for a little coffee break at a service station on the highway, while my husband was paying for the drinks, he inadvertently kicked something on the floor with his foot. He picked it up and gave it to me … it was a little pink Guardian Angel, with a little inscription that read: “I protect you. Lara”


My shock and my joy were immense, complete. Now I was sure that Lara existed and that she was next to me. But it does not end here.


Today I went to have some tests done, I suffered from a lot of stress after the experience with my sister’s illness. I kept praying to Lara to be next to me, to give me serenity, calm and faith. When the nurse started taking my blood, she told me, smiling: “Gloria, what a beautiful name, even my daughter was supposed to be called Gloria. But then we changed our minds, and we called her Lara!”


I can’t tell you how shocked I was! I was so happy! What a coincidence … but coincidences don’t exist …. so many messages, so many proofs …. our Angels love us so much! Even the tests came out with good results! Lara is always next to me, I am really lucky! We are not alone. Never.


I send you a tight hug!!


Contact With Spirit Guide was the testimonial of Gloria


Contact With Spirit Guide Testimonials


Contact With Spirit Guide


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