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Guardian Angel Presence In The Life

Guardian Angel Presence In The Life Of A Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel Presence In The Life : my dear, ever since I found you through your website, I have been experimenting daily with the presence of my Angel in so many things, large and small. I particularly learned to discern him in smaller things, I don’t need to feel his presence as much every day next to me, to know that he is always with me, but, as a mere “human”, I constantly need to see proofs and He, patiently, gives them me.


For a while now, every morning when I wake up I look out from the balcony and I admire the sky, with its clouds, and I got into the habit of asking him for a little heart …. “Is there a heart for me?”, this is what I tell him, and, without fail, I find one.


A few days ago it was my birthday, somehow I was expecting a sign of his presence from him, and so it was … Valentina, my daughter, gave me a little angel as a gift to carry with me always, my husband gave me a self-help book “Ask your Angel”, but this did not feel like enough because they know about my Angel and the fact that I always focus on Him; I hoped that Domenico would manifest himself through some other means, something (something that others did not know) to give me the gift of His presence. The following Sunday my mother in law came for lunch and …. guess what she gave me for a gift? A beautiful little angel who is now sitting together with all the others (I discovered over time that I have accumulated many of them, including the one when I miraculously survived a brain aneurysm).


I was so touched when I received it that I cried in silence as I thanked Him with all of my heart. Naturally I never seem to change, and, despite my faith in Him and in the fellow Angels, I started to think that it could have been my husband to have suggested to his mum what to get for me, and maybe this is what really happened … I don’t know … but it does not matter, I told myself, Domenico is indeed there and nobody will ever take him away.


A few days after that, as I was looking once again up at the sky, I asked Him “Is there a heart for me?”, and He said “But you already have one hanging from your neck!”…. well, I am the usual fool … you have to know that the little Angel that my mother in law gave me also came with a little heart to hang from a necklace and nobody knew about my daily request for a heart to my Angel. To date, every time I touch my neck with my hand, I get emotional and I thank him. Today I gave my little heart to Valentina, my daughter, because she has a test of Latin language to sit through today, and, at the tender age of 17, she was in a bit of a crisis.


It would be so wonderful if everyone had the awareness that I had right now …. certainly we would all become better people and we would be much more useful to those who are in need.


Apologies for stealing time from you from time to time, but I thought it would be nice to testify to his presence.


Guardian Angel Presence In The Life Of A Guardian Angel was the testimonial of Giusi


Guardian Angel Presence In The Life Of A Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel Presence In The Life


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