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Guardian Angel The Name Of My Guardian Angel Stories

Guardian Angel The Name Of My Guardian Angel Stories


Hello Sara Luce, I wrote several times to you and you always reply, and for this I thank you. This time, I would like you to add this testimonial.


Last summer I had an accident with my motorbike which left me unable to move very much for the whole summer. While I was trying to swim in my swimming pool (the physiotherapist suggested it would help my knee heal better), and I would think of my Angel as I was swimming.


I was alone, in the silence of the countryside. I decided to speak to him softly, very intimately. I asked him to reveal himself, in the face, and reveal his name, because it was very important to me. The following morning I woke up with a name in my mind: Alessia, a name I did not like too much because it reminded me of a girl I did not particularly care for. I did not really think about it too much, in the meantime I was about to open a gift from my boyfriend: it was a pendant, a silver heart, and it had the following letters engraved in it: “Ale”; from that moment I began to reflect on the sign that I had asked from my Angel.


That night I had the confirmation, when I remembered the dream that I had had the night before: a beautiful girl, with blue eyes, dressed with a white tunic, was hugging me and was sending me so much Love and peace, and I was calling her Alessia.


I was ecstatic from the revelation, I went to my computer, seeking the meaning of the name Alessia: well, Alessia means “she who protects”….  I would like to say that one must have faith in their own Angel, and to speak to Him with the heart free from any fear: He hears us and answers!


Thank you Sara, I am sending you an embrace,


Guardian Angel The Name Of My Guardian Angel Stories was the testimonial of Luisa


Guardian Angel The Name Of My Guardian Angel Stories


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