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Signs from the Angels Feathers

Signs from the Angels Feathers Down Angels Gifts Coincidences Stories


Signs from the Angels Feathers


Hello Sara, I finally discovered my Angel! After overcoming my diffidence and skepticism, and after many other proofs that he regaled me, I am now certain of the presence of his love for me, and for this I am immensely happy!


I would like to tell you a few episodes that left me speechless! First of all, many feathers and little down feathers all over the place in the house and in the most unlikely places, one day when I was feeling particularly depressed I asked for a gift, and guess what happened? Some friends I had invited for dinner gave me as a gift a beautiful Angel, wonderful, some customers at work also gave me a little Angel by the name of Emma ….  I asked myself if this could be his name …. but I found it childish to even think that he could have sent me his name in this way, so I forgot all about it. Later on I went grocery shopping, and the little girl in the cart in front of me was called Emma …. I turned the TV on and they were broadcasting the movie Emma ….. (the one from Jane Austen). While I was in the car to go to work I reflected on this name and as soon as I arrived into the office I looked at the internet mail and in the mail there was a request from a customer called Emma. So I guess it was clear ….


And finally, since I always see little feathers everywhere, I asked if I could have another sign of his presence because I couldn’t understand anymore if the feathers were from him or from other sources (quilts, pillows, etc) … after a few days, while I was tidying up old things that I had just moved to the new home, I found, stuck inside a trophy, a tiny little Angel that I had had since I was a very young girl and that I had forgotten I even had.


I am so tempted to refer to these as mere coincidences … but then, thanks to you, I understood that coincidences are not casual and that we are surrounded by infinite love ….


Sorry if I bored you, I suspect you have hundreds of similar stories, but I liked the idea of thanking you for having taught me how to pick up and recognize these signs and then I really felt the need to share all this with someone, without fearing to be mistaken for a mad woman.


Thank you in any case for your help and for your site, for me reading your site is a daily event.


An embrace


Signs from the Angels Feathers Down Angels Gifts Coincidences Stories was the testimonial of Ramona


Signs from the Angels Feathers Down Angels Gifts Coincidences Stories


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