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Effort in the Path of Growth of a Soul

Effort in the Path of Growth of a Soul Testimonial


Effort in the Path of Growth of a Soul : my dearest Sara, over the last few years I learned to trust in God and the Madonna, clinging on to them, especially in truly bad moments, like holding on to a rock in the middle of the sea, this year a seriously bad event happened in my family, my brother was arrested, forgive me for not entering into details, as I still find it difficult to digest the fact.


The pressure was strong from all around me, I had to act as the intermediate between the lawyers, my mother and the rest of the family, without forgetting the young man, obviously at work I did not say anything about this, save to a couple of very close friends, so I continued to work diligently, including tending to the public, I always begged the Celestial Mother to give me lucidity and a lot of patience.


One morning, just after the umpteenth discussion with my brother’s lawyers, I continued on with my work, until a customer showed up, he was very angry and he insisted on being right when, sadly, that was not the case. He was very aggressive with his words, even with threats, to the point where my colleagues intervened to calm him down and to make him understand the issue, but this man just did not want to hear it. When I called security, he finally did leave because he did not want to be arraigned. I was very affected by this, to the point where I hid in a little closet and, in my prayer, I asked Mary where on earth was her help, when despite all the problems I had had, I was still trying to help people, and this was the thanks that I got. It’s obvious that I was emotionally charged, had it been a different time I would have understood that the customer was angry, I would have calmed him down and found a solution to his anger!


Less than an hour later, another lady came to me and told me “I was not supposed to come here today, because I just came back. However, I just felt the need to do this and I brought you a little present” I was staring at her in disbelief. She brought me a little medal of the Madonna of Lourdes and a little bottle of consecrated water!


The message was loud and clear. My brother has since been discharged and the charges against him have almost all been cleared.


With a lot of affection,


Effort in the Path of Growth of a Soul Testimonial was the testimonial of Cinzia


Effort in the Path of Growth of a Soul Testimonial


Effort in the Path of Growth of a Soul


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