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Guardian Angel Stories Emotions Of Love

Guardian Angel Stories Emotions Of Love Of A Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel Stories Emotions Of Love


Dear Sara, I am writing to you now, just moments after something special just happened to me. I have been up since 4 in the morning, for the last few days my mind has been churning thoughts, so I often stop to talk out loud with my Guardian Angel! I told him that I am worried because I am not able to open up my heart, as well as other things, so I asked him to stay close to me and to continue to sustain me.


Recently I have been feeling as if I have found a new strength inside me and it’s as if I am rolling up my sleeves to give a meaning to my life. In a nutshell: I used to have strong anxiety and panic attacks, but I have been feeling much better since. I do a lot a things: dance, theater, drawing …


I am only disappointed because I believed that there was a special feeling between a certain young man and me, only obstructed by the fact that he was already in a relationship for the last 10 years. Despite the fact that he always sought me out and manifested a special attachment to me, he denied that this was ever the case and that we were just good friends. I shall overlook this thing because certain disappointments simply need to be accepted.


As I was saying, after I spoke with my Guardian Angel, I felt sleepy and I started to doze off. While I was between wake and sleep, I was laying on my stomach, I felt as if someone opened my bedroom door, came in slowly, sighed with happiness and climbed into bed with me next to me in my queen sized bed! I felt the back of my head being caressed! I was paralyzed with fear, and my instinctive reaction was to say “go away”. Besides, this is something that I often say because I am convinced that I can be fine by myself and that I do not need anybody. Then, I immediately realized “how stupid of me, that was my Guardian Angel”, and I apologized to him.


I felt like turning my computer on and immediately writing to you …. right now I feel strange ….


I hug you and thank you from my heart for your attention


Guardian Angel Stories Emotions Of Love Of A Guardian Angel was the testimonial of Ilaria


Guardian Angel Stories Emotions Of Love Of A Guardian Angel


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