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My Guardian Angel The Morning Wake Up Call

My Guardian Angel The Morning Wake Up Call


My Guardian Angel The Morning Wake Up Call


Hello to everyone from Sara Luce. A while ago I published on our site a testimonial from Annarella. This young lady told us that she suffers from strong migraines and that if she oversleeps she knows without doubt that she will suffer from strong pain for the rest of the day. To solve this, she asks her husband to wake her up, especially on Saturdays, the day when she does not have to go to work. That day, she told us in her testimonial how her husband woke her up with his usual nudge but subsequently she was so tired that she started to fall asleep again, only to be woken up soon after by a new touch, only it was not her husband, it was the touch of her Guardian Angel. Cristina’s testimonial below refers to it. A warm goodbye to all of you. Sara Luce.


Hello Sara, I read Annarella’s testimonial about the help she received from her Guardian Angel to wake up.


She asks if it is true or not … I don’t know … however it happens quite often to me, and I am sure that it is my Angel that wakes me up. Often I happen to fall asleep again after having heard the alarm in the morning. Since my companion relies on me to wake him up, if I fall asleep I am in trouble! However I am lazy and often I happen to fall asleep again and I am regularly awakened, sometimes by a beautiful face of a young man (about twenty years old) wearing a monk’s robe, looking at me with his light blue eyes and says: “wake up, Cristina, wake up!” … some other times I wake up feeling as if a hand has just lightly caressed my shoulder or my head.


I am sure that it’s my Guardian Angel, my heart tells me this … I wanted to share this with you and with your friend Annarella.




My Guardian Angel The Morning Wake Up Call was the testimonial of Cristina


My Guardian Angel The Morning Wake Up Call


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