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Angel Signs Feathers Guardian Angel Signs

Angel Signs Feathers Guardian Angel Signs Of Presence


Angel Signs Feathers Guardian Angel Signs : hello dearest Sara, I already told you that I look at your beautiful website every single day, I can’t do without it anymore, for me it’s like my daily bread, after I see it, I feel better. Today I did not go to work, I am home but I am running around like a mad woman running errands because this evening I am going to be very busy. Well, I was thinking that today I really would not have the time to turn the PC on and I was already thinking about you, perhaps there are new messages. I was about to leave the computer, but then I felt like I had to check immediately, I turned on the PC and there it was, a beautiful surprise for me, yet another confirmation for me through Cristina’s testimonial, it filled my heart with joy.


Three days ago I asked my Angel to give me another sign of his presence, not because I doubt, since I am sure of that, because, as I had already explained to you, he had appeared to me when I was a small girl, however, I just felt the need to feel him close to me.


The following day, in a little rose bush I found a tiny little white down feather, I became emotional, I took it, I blew to let it fly and it fell right back on my index finger. Then I immediately understood, it was for me, it was a gift from my darling Angel. However, I found down feathers on several other occasions. Imagine, even the day that I was thinking about him a lot, I turned the PC on, I sat down and my gaze fell exactly on that tiny little feather, between the keyboard keys, I thought that it seemed really strange, could there be a little bird flying in the office? Could not find a trace of any birds. So I thanked him, it was his gift for me, to demonstrate his love.


On another occasion, I took my cell phone to make a phone call, next to it there was a beautiful white feather, strange, don’t you think? Exactly the day before that I had asked him to give me a sign because I no longer felt him close to me like I did before. I could make a list of “strange” situations, but now I know that they are not “strange”, you just need to firmly believe and pray a lot, and never forget to pray and be thankful to our Guardian Angel, and then do not forget to thank God for the wonderful gift He gave us.


Thank you my dearest Sara and to Cristina, for her testimonial that confirms the existence of this precious affection.




Angel Signs Feathers Guardian Angel Signs Of Presence was the testimonial of Annarella


Angel Signs Feathers Guardian Angel Signs Of Presence


Angel Signs Feathers Guardian Angel Signs


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