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Name Of My Guardian Angel The Face

Name Of My Guardian Angel The Face Of My Guardian Angel


Name Of My Guardian Angel The Face : hello Sara Luce after a long time here I am, back again, to tell you how very slowly my relationship with my Guardian Angel is becoming more and more intense, I will clarify that the rational part of me initially impeded me from interpreting well those messages and coincidences that were happening in my life, however now I am sure that it’s always present in my life, even in this precise moment, with his immense Love and his splendid light.


After having always asked him his name, and even better asked to see his face, because for me it’s easier to communicate with him in my prayers if I can see what his face looks like, over the period of Christmas I bumped into the movie ‘7 kilometers from Jerusalem”, a great movie that I strongly suggest you go and see, the actor is a very handsome man by the name of Luca even though I do not pay attention to him but to the story in and out of itself.


After a few nights I dreamt I was on an uphill road covered in snow, and on top of it the young man is looking away from me, and as soon as I arrive he smiles and tells me: for you it’s been hard to get this far, but now I am here; he takes my hand and we throw ourselves in the precipice in front of us, without fear, laughing like crazy.


The face was from the actor by the name of LUCA, the one I mentioned earlier; again after a few nights I dreamed I was in a little town with many other people, it was very cold, in front of me there is a young man bare chested and barefooted, wearing white pants, he embraces me energetically and with all of the Love that words can not even describe, leaving me with a feeling of protection, of safety, still alive in me now after six months, his face is always that of this actor called LUCA.


A few days later, in my car, while I talk to him out loud, I see a semi truck cross in front of me and I see a sign high up next to the driver, a name in huge cubical letter, LUCA, from the radio there was a song from Phil Collins that I do not know but that that in Italian says "I am always there with you" …


A few years ago that very same face, back then an unknown face, is the face that I saw in my state of wake-sleep, he was looking at me with Love, looking at my face as I lay in bed ….


What can I say, now that I know his name is Luca, I hear him, and so our coincidences and our strong bond have allowed for me to find out his name and even his face.


With Love and gratitude,


Name Of My Guardian Angel The Face Of My Guardian Angel was the testimonial of Simona


Name Of My Guardian Angel The Face Of My Guardian Angel


Name Of My Guardian Angel The Face


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