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Trusting In Divine Providence

Trusting In Divine Providence Testimonial Spiritual Diary


Trusting In Divine Providence : this letter you are about to read was dedicated by Silvana to all those who know her and appreciate her, but she also wanted to send it to me, and consequently, to all of you, as her testimonial, or, to say it in her words, "this letter wishes to give a simple testimonial that in life you need to look beyond what you see with your naked eye. I have been recently thinking this way, because historically I have always been materialistic, however I believe I have taken a path that will lead me to trusting Divine Providence much more than I ever did", let’s read Silvana’s spiritual diary, a goodbye to all from Sara Luce.


My loved ones, in this message I would like to talk about very special things that have been happening in my life for a few years now, and things that, in my opinion, have to do with our Guardian Angels and beyond.


There are many proofs that I witnessed personally in the past few years, the fact that I am writing them is important for me to be able to memorize them, and fix them in time, and build some kind of “spiritual diary”. The person that more than anybody else knows about this is my husband, I mentioned to some of you a series of events that happened to me, but to others I never told anything, perhaps because of my unwillingness to open up, or perhaps for fear of not being believed.


I would like to start with a list of the events, even if before that a something or someone had already manifested to me, I do not remember it or in any case I was not able to associate them to anything in particular, as of 19th October 2005. That day was the anniversary of my marriage and Andrea and I went to celebrate it by going to a nice dinner in a restaurant in Tigliole d’Asti, Italy. On the way home, in Villanova, we were stopped by a police patrol at the side of the road. The officer that checked our documents, when he told us we were free to leave, did something very strange, he stood erect to attention and did the official salute, and said “condolences to the madam”. Both Andrea and I were very touched by this, and we both thought of his father, Paolo, who had left us in 2001, he used to always behave in very courteous manners towards “madams”. That very same night the following year, 23rd of July, our son Paolo was born (he remembers his grandfather on his father’s side). We had been trying for a child for several months, but unfortunately he did not arrive, the anxiety and disillusionment grew. Our wish had been granted.


In September 2007 we conceived our second little girl, our dear Giulia. We were not even looking for a child, in the autumn that same year Romana, Andrea’s mother who had just undergone a very serious surgery the past summer, fell seriously ill, and dies in January 2009. Romana used to call Giulia her little star, and nobody can convince us otherwise, that it was grandpa who sent her to us, to replace grandma, who was about to pass over to Paradise.


In February 2010, my mum Ferdinanda went to the hospital, I was deeply perturbed by how she was treated by the nurses of the General Medicine ward (like a crazy old lady). The day she was dismissed without warning any relatives, I called upon the intervention of the Tribunal of the sick, through which I obtained the very same evening that she would be readmitted once again: the stay in the hospital was then essential to allow her a priority acceptance to the clinic in Albugnano, where she spent the last couple of months of her life. In those days I read carefully her dismissal papers from the hospital, she had a liver neoplasia, a tumor growth, brought about by cirrhosis of the liver, due to a prior hepatitis. My mum had been poisoned by one of the many blood transfusions she had to get in the past, through which she contracted a form of hepatitis! I not only read that the neoplasia of the liver caused a neuropathy, mental confusion, shaking of the hands, etc. I also understood that my mum’s problem was not a nervous breakdown, but it was the consequence of this damned illness. I spoke about it with the doctor at the Giglio facility, where she had been admitted in the meantime, he agreed with my hypothesis, began a therapy of desintoxication using the enzymes and laxatives used to cure neuropathies, just like I saw on the internet1 My mum felt better and even regain the mental lucidity she had lost over the previous few months, until practically the last moment.


Right in that month a dear coworker of Andrea, a very young man, already a father of two girls the same age as Paolo and Giulia, fell gravely sick from a form of neoplasia to his throat. The same tumor growth that Romana suffered from. This young man was being treated at the Molinette center, however it seemed that they were not treating him properly. Andrea and I strongly recommended a specialist in nose and throat diseases, who had operated on my a few years back in Milan. This famous surgeon, head of surgery at the San Raffaele hospital, Mr. Bussi, was (and still is) the best in his field in Italy. Andrea went to talk to him and in the evening he told me “Marco does not want to go, he wants to stay with this doctors in Turin, because one of them played football with him and knew him well”… I could not believe his words! I felt like I was reliving one more time the movie of our poor Romana. In fact, even though we already knew the prestigious Dr. Bussi, at the time she did not want to move from the hospital in Asti, because in that hospital there was a doctor who was the son of one of her neighbors.


Romana was transported to the prestigious Dr. Bussi only when it was no longer possible to save her life (even though he contributed enormously to make the rest of her months much more pleasant). I immediately and vehemently told Andrea that “we were making the same mistake than with Romana, you must convince him to go to Bussi”. Andrea, convinced, talked about it again with Marco, who, finally persuaded, made an appointment to see him. The doctor finally confirmed that in his center in Turin they had completely misdiagnosed his disease and had prescribed the wrong cure (exactly like it had happened in Asti with Romana). He was operated urgently at the San Raffaele hospital ten days later. He is doing well now and lives with his wife and two little girls.


In June 2010 a thief broke into our house. He found in the drawer all of my jewelry, but only stole the ones that Andrea had given me. The gifts from my mother in law Romana, also in the same drawer (a strip of diamonds, a pearl necklace, a gold necklace and one of amber) were not stolen. In reality, the thief did try to steal the amber necklace but it got stuck in the window so it was left behind (Romana did not permit that her gifts would not be stolen, because she knew that she could not give me other gifts ?)


On the 31st of October 2010, at the celebratory Mass of the 9th anniversary of the death of my father-in-law Paolo, I asked for a miracle to let me find Maria Grazia again. One day, in the middle of a nervous breakdown, she simply left her home, she spent the night somewhere outside and sleeping on the street. The following morning I woke up earlier than usual because I had to catch a train to go to Milan for work. As I was driving through the town, I happened to look on the side of the road and I accidentally happened to see Maria Grazia there, waiting for the bus N. 30 to go to Turin. I loaded her in my car and I took her to a safe place. Even though I was supposed to go back home quickly, I still somehow managed to catch the train with perfect timing, and I managed to go to Milan for my assignment. (My Guardian Angel watched over me?)


On the 29th of November 2010, just before the Rosary that took place for the death of our dear mother Ferdinanda, Maria Grazia once again disappeared from her home. Luisella called me in a panick, that night was snowing and just one night outdoors could easily prove fatal. My boss at that time was in my house paying a visit. He was a person who, sadly, damaged greatly my career and professional and human growth. He had come to pay a courtesy visit (maybe the devil was playing up and wanted to hold me back ). I did not hesitate to see him out of the door, without even too many excuses. I jumped in my car and I headed for Chieri. After about 300 meters I found Maria Grazia there, cold, I took her back to the nursing home. If I had only waited 5 more minutes, she would have crossed the road I was on and I probably would have never found her.


Right after the death of my mother I wrote a heart-felt letter to the priest at the Sanctuary of Mellana, in the town of Cuneo. He is a priest who directly received the gift from Father of Pietralcina. There are many people who visit him to receive a grace. I wrote to him about Maria Graia, telling him that I was very worried for her mental state and for the situation. He replied to me, telling me that he would have interceded for her. Since then, two years ago, Maria Graszi has improved considerably, both in her overall health state and in her quality of life, obtaining a pension and the residence in an assisted facility.


Fast forwarding over the years, not only there have been “fortunate” coincidences, but I also had premonitions.


At the beginning of 2012, at about 6 in the evening, I went to a massage center in Pecetto to treat myself to a relaxing and pleasant massage. That evening, as opposed to all other evenings, Andrea was going to go and pick up the kids. Half way through the massage I was overwhelmed by a strange sensation about my mother, it seemed that I could see her in an image, surrounded by intense light. I started to wonder what on earth I was doing still there, and I was taken by a sense of guilt for that little treat I had given myself. I felt that the family needed me. I ran back home and as I opened the door I did not even say hello, I just blurted out “what has happened?” (Andrea can witness to this) My husband told me “Paolo hurt himself”. He had been pushed by a school mate exactly between six and six fifteen (normally he would not even be at the school anymore at that time, but because of my decision to spoil myself, he had to stay behind at the school a little longer to wait for dad to pick him up) . The following day we found out that he broke his collar bone, with a compounded fracture, luckily he healed in about three weeks.


Another nice event that happened to Paolo took place when we signed him up for the salesian school “Santa Teresa”. Grandmother Nanda had always wanted to take him to this school, even if I admit that at the time grandmother was telling this, I would have preferred to send him to a regular public school. In the end, Andrea and I convinced ourselves that it was the right thing to do to sign him up to this school. And so we did, in September 2011. We were so disappointed to find out, in December of that year, that Andrea could not be accepted because there were no more available places, and the school had to give precedence to children who had already gone to kindergarden school the previous years at that same facility. And what a joy to then find out, two weeks later, that indeed Paolo had been accepted (two or three children had since opted out). And nobody can convince me that grandmother Nanda did not have something to do with this!


At the beginning of October 2012 there was the event with my colleague and friend Doriana. She had just had, the previous Sunday, a horrible case of breathing problems. It was so bad that she had to be admitted to the hospital. On Monday morning both myself and another colleague were very worried when we saw that she did not show up for work and would not answer our text messages. We did not know who to turn to for information, we did not have any other numbers or contacts. On Tuesday this colleague called me, desperately, I was in Bologna for work, Doriana’s companion had called at the reception and told us that Doriana had not been feeling well but did not provide further information. I suggested to my colleague to inquire at the local hospital, as I sensed that she might be there. She did, and sure enough, she was in the Intensive Care Unit. In the afternoon she called me again crying, I replied by saying calmly “don’t worry, because Doriana is well”, however, an hour later, I called her. I was shaken, I felt that the danger had been very real. Doriana, in fact, had actually gone into a coma, and had come out of it safely only on Tuesday night, with an enormous effort from the medical staff who saved her life.


In October other things, very unusual things happened to me. For example, as I was walking into a supermarket with my kids, I felt a great warmth and I felt that I was about to meet Mauro, an old university companion, who lives locally but whom I never see. Try to imagine my shock when, in the wine compartment, after fifteen minutes, I find him right in front of me!


Another more recent episode that I assign a lot of meaning to took place in January 2013. Since the beginning of December the father of one of our dear friends, Lorena, had been admitted for a rather serious form of leukemia, he was still young and there was good hope that he would pull through (so much so that he had been dismissed from his initial facility he was in). In the afternoon of the 6th of January, I told Andre to call Lorena’s husband to invite them over for dinner, I felt the desire to speak to them. Michele, the husband, told us that Lorena was in the hospital, dad’s condition had gotten worse. During that evening, I was watching TV with Andrea, it was about midnight, when all of sudden out of the blue, I felt in my heart such a strong sadness, in my mind I had the image of my mother in law Romana who turned around to face me, and I had the certainty that Lorena’s father had just passed away. The following day, Lorena’s companion told us that he had died just after midnight. When I told the daughter what had happened in my mind, she started to cry and she told me “you have no idea how many times I have thought of your mother in law and how much she suffered during her months of illness”


Another, final, small sign, while I am writing this letter to you, a salesperson just called me, his name was Davide Archangels. Isn’t this funny?


Trusting In Divine Providence Testimonial Spiritual Diary was the testimonial of Silvana



Trusting In Divine Providence Testimonial Spiritual Diary


Trusting In Divine Providence


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