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Aid From The Sky On The Wings Of A Dream

Aid From The Sky On The Wings Of A Dream Experiences


Aid From The Sky On The Wings Of A Dream


Dearest Sara, I write to tell you my testimonial about some help that came to my aid from the Sky.


I will begin by telling you that three years ago I wrote a book, and this was very important to my father. I received many proposals to publish it, but they were all for a fee, and since I did not agree in principle to pay to publish my own book, I never accepted, albeit with a little sadness in my heart. Three months ago my dad passed away, from that moment on is when my Faith in my Guardian Angel really took off.


I was happy that my dad at least had read my entire book, but I was sad that I never managed to publish it. I received two other proposals to publish, but once again for a fee, so I turned them down.


Thanks to your website I started to get very close to my Guardian Angel and so I asked him for some help, if he deemed it right, in publishing my book and perhaps enlist the help from my father because I wanted this to be a gift for him.


One day, about a month and a half ago, I was driving to a little town quite far away to pick up some car insurance documents, I was mentally chatting with my Angel, and as I looked up I saw a cloud that was exactly the shape of a little angel, laying down, since I was driving I could not snap a picture of it, but it did make me smile because for me it was sufficient, I got my Angel’s message.


Once I arrived to the town in question I got lost and I found myself in front of a Statue of the Archangel Michael, I said a prayer and then continued on, and I soon found the insurance Agency I was looking for (I smiled and gave my thanks)


Once I finished my errand, I got back in the car to go back home and I received an incoming email on my phone, yet another proposal to publish my book, believe me I was very close to deleting it right away, but something made me open the email and read it …. well, Sara, this time it was not for a fee, I celebrated and signed the contract. Yesterday my book was finally printed; I really hope that my Dad and my Guardian Angel are smiling together with me.


P.S, The printing company chose a light blue for the cover color, the color of the Sky …. coincidence?


A big hug from my heart,


Aid From The Sky On The Wings Of A Dream Experiences was the testimonial of Daniela


Aid From The Sky On The Wings Of A Dream Experiences


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