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Protection From The Sky The Guardian Dog

Protection From The Sky The Guardian Dog


Protection From The Sky : dear Sara Luce, dear website friends, I would like to tell you something that happened to me more than 20 years ago, the meaning of which I am really only beginning to understand now, I think, the event resurfaced on my mind following something I read on the internet a few months ago; a while ago, intrigued by the concept of the Guardian Angel, I found a website that talked of the relationship over the centuries that some Saints have had with their own Guardian Angels, I remember reading some amazing stuff!, there was the Angel who made coffee to allow his protected one to continue to pray, to the Angel who would plough the fields instead of his protected one, so that he too had more time to dedicate to God, so, it’s probably better to say “things from the other world”, and back then, I was very skeptical, these things would have just made me smile and then the thing that touched me the most was that of a Saint that kept seeing a wild dog, or a wolf, and he named it “grey”, this animal that claimed to be his Protector; now you probably ask yourselves why would this person believe that the dog was his protector as opposed to just a simple animal? because, first of all, it always and only showed up in times of need, and secondly, and most poignantly, it has been appearing to him for the last 30 years! have you ever seen a dog live 30 years? not even in the Guinness book of records.


Let’s go back to us, more than 20 years ago I was forced to come home from work on foot, because I had no car. I would finish around 9 pm and I had a few kilometers to walk on a road that had quite a bit of traffic, albeit none of the traffic was pedestrians on the pavement and so I was usually the only one on this pavement, in the evening.


One evening a guy in a car, seeing that I was alone, even tried to bother me, but fortunately he quickly left me alone, one evening, while I was happily walking on this road, I suddenly saw a mutt dog approaching me from behind, it was a mid-size dog, I jumped from the fright, wondering where on earth the dog had come out of, but it could have easily arrived from many side roads, not having any choice but to continue on the road I was on, despite myself, I started walking next to this dog, let me explain that this dog never even bothered to look at me, not even giving me any sign of affection! Basically, it was ignoring me!!! and so I thought, now I will stop and it will continue on by itself and I will be rid of it, because, even though I did love dogs, I was still scared that it could attack me.


And here came the strange thing, even though this dog had completely ignored me, it would arrive to the end of the pavement and it would stop, turn his head toward me, and WAIT FOR ME!!! once I reached up to him, we continued to walk together, and it continued to ignore me.


And then another strange thing happened, once we arrived to the pavement in front of my house, guess what it did? it turned around and left! it behaved as if it knew that I had reached my destination, as if that night it was supposed to escort me all the way home, without scaring me, simply pretending to ignore me.


And so, my friend, now I can tell you that I HAD A GUARDIAN DOG, or maybe that night I simply met an unusual dog?


On the other hand, a dog that lives 30 years …. doesn’t it make you think about it?


A hug,


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Protection From The Sky


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