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Butterfly Sign of Love

Butterfly Sign of Love and of the Reality Of Life In The Sky


Butterfly Sign of Love : hello Sara, I decided to write to you about what happened this afternoon in my back yard, I was laying down on the sun chair, under my huge persimmons tree, my dad was seated at the table next to me and was drinking some fruit juice, we were chatting happily when the topic of our conversation fell on the vacation that we used to take all together to the seaside, then the discussion continued about when he and mum used to go to the seaside with the senior social group.


I asked dad if back then he used to swim in the sea and he said yes … then he started telling me about mum, how much she liked to put her feet in the water, walking at the water’s edge, he remembered her happy laughter …. hearing him talk about mum completely filled up my heart with joy, it was like having a little peace of her with us … at that moment I thought “Mum, if you are close, show me somehow, in any way possible, I need to know you are here!” ….


All of a sudden a little white and purple butterfly started flying around my dad and me, and in the end the butterfly rested on my nose!


I can not tell you Sara, how shocked my dad and I were! I turned my head around towards dad, and the butterfly did not move. After a while it flew off and it went to rest on my mother’s rose plant.


Dad was happy, I was speechless. And all of a sudden there it was, again. It came toward me and, one more time, it rested on the tip of my nose! And then dad finally told me: “This is your mum!”


Sara, you should have seen me, with this butterfly on my nose and my heart that was exploding with happiness, my dad was watching me incredulously, with tears in his eyes … I did not even have my cell phone with me to take a picture … then it flew off my nose, it stopped on my hand that I raised to welcome it …. It was incredible … and once again it flew away, beyond the back yard …


I thanked the Sky …. the Angels …. God, for having allowed this … it was a sign, my mum is always next to me …. always … a great sign of love, this kind of love that goes beyond …. beyond everything …..


Butterfly Sign of Love and of the Reality Of Life In The Sky was the testimonial of Gloria


Butterfly Sign of Love and of the Reality Of Life In The Sky


Butterfly Sign of Love


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