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Guardian Angel The Awakening

Guardian Angel The Awakening Before The Road Accident Stories


Guardian Angel The Awakening : dear Sara Luce, I would like to tell you something that happened to me years ago, we were in our car, it was about five in the morning, we were returning home from a night at the dance club, which is located 15 minutes outside of Olbia Italy, there were four of us in the car, I was seated in the front, next to Edoardo, the designated driver, a very dear friend of mine, we were all exhausted and I had fallen into a state of light sleep that people often experience while in a car.


We were driving on a road in Olbia, which is constantly jammed with traffic, even at night, and something happened that made me reflect on it for years to come, looking for some answers to many possible questions.


Edoardo was driving slowly and was not suffering from sleepiness; in the midst of this, despite the fact that I was snoozing, somehow I was table to “perceive” some danger ahead of him. My head was thrown back and was leaning on the seat, my eyes were closed. I remember a feeling of calm and peace while I was sleeping. I do not remember if I was dreaming, all I can say is that I was no longer in contact with the reality of what was about to happen. During this “REM” sleep, I immediately jolted up from my sleep and I suddenly screamed “EDOARDO, BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!” Edoardo screamed right after me “HE IS DRIVING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD!!!!!”


A car was driving straight toward us, in our own lane. Edoardo very narrowly avoided the car by steering violently to the passing lane on the left.


Much time later, I asked myself how I could possibly have felt this danger, so close, even before Edoardo did, who was driving and apparently driving safely. I thought of many answers, one of them was some kind of survival instinct, but then there was also a part of me that was not satisfied with this answer.


After reading the Testimonials on your website, especially the ones about your Guardian Angel, I thought that it could have been it. Because nothing, and nobody, could have possibly woken me up and warned me of the danger …. there wasn’t any sudden jolt that could have woken me up, or someone talking, some discussion taking place in the car, another car honking the horn, a nightmare while I was asleep … . None of this happened, none!! My sleep was a very relaxed sleep and from that state I simply woke up shouting “BE CAREFUL!!!”


Try to imagine a lightning bolt coming from a clear blue sky, an alarm clock inside you, a very strong jolt that wakes up your entire body instantly. It’s not a nightmare, but something that I could have never imagined before it happened to me, my dear Guardian Angel. I know that he hears me and sees me and tries to help me, but I would also like to tell you that I love him very much, even though I am not able to see him or feel him like I would. I ask him to forgive my weaknesses, my mistakes, my moments of anger and rage that then have repercussions on my daily life. I would love to find peace but I can not seem to find it, I am only weak, confused, prey of my own human flesh.


Thank you for everything,


Guardian Angel The Awakening Before The Road Accident Stories was the testimonial of Antonio


Guardian Angel The Awakening Before The Road Accident Stories


Guardian Angel The Awakening


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