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Presences Of The Sky The Story of Miriam

Presences Of The Sky The Story of Miriam and Her Mother


Presences Of The Sky The Story of Miriam : once upon a time, there was a little girl who was born into pain, a miniscule little dot that, as soon as it appeared, It seemed destined to be erased from life; at least according to the vast majority of people, but not in her mum’s opinion; she grew up in a cavity, little by little, while a maze of evil roots invaded the bosom of the woman who was supposed to be breastfeeding her, there was not even talk of what to do with this girl, she was there, she existed in the grand scheme of things designed by God, and therefore she had a right, as well as a duty, to be born and so, among tears, hopes, prayers and anguish, she continued to grow, despite the medical opinion being against it, despite all the medical centers refusing to help us, unless we decided to have an abortion, until one doctor told us, let’s try.


And so we waited until the third month, when this first mass of cells became well ingrained into its own nest, so that we would proceed to the removal of the breast and of the lymph nodes around it, and while the mum was still recovering from the pain and from the anesthesia, having opted to give up her beauty forever, the first worrying news on the welfare of the fetus arrived. There was a high probability of the baby suffering from Down syndrome.


There were tears and discouragement all around, but her mum continued to say, it’s ok anyway, I will accept the baby as she comes. There were other more specific tests, checking the chromosomes of both parents, the results were even more scary: very high percentage of Edward Syndrome, which means the genetic disorder called Trisomia 18, for those unfamiliar with it, I will explain quickly what it means: the vast majority of fetuses born with this condition do not make it to birth. The syndrome has a very low record of survival due to anomalies with the heart, kidney deformation, neuro-renal problems with difficulties in moving in addition to problems with other internal organs. In a nutshell, the best case scenario would be that the baby would live up to one year.


The mother’s prayers intensified together with her conviction to keep going with the pregnancy, regardless. Because this is how it was written. And so she grew a little tender belly, among sessions of chemotherapy and subsequent sickness, in addition to the sickness from the pregnancy. Mum tried not to think of what was going to happen, she would cuddle her, she would caress her and listen to relaxing music. The pleas and the prayer groups intensified, they were coming from all parts of the world, in every powerful spiritual place, her aunt from her mother’s side, whom she loved very much, turned to Father Pio at all times, sometimes in anger, sometimes in desperation, sometimes surrendering to the will of the Father, and she would say: I will not leave you in peace until you listen to me.


And then one evening, suddenly, the bedroom filled up twice with a scent, a very specific scent of flowers that she knew so well, and that’s when she had the certainty, the miracle, everything was going to be all right. It was a Friday, on the Monday at school they brought her two little images of the Baby Jesus from Prague, explaining that on the Friday evening they had celebrated a special Mass for the little girl.


The little Angel was born at eight months, with a pending question mark about her health. When the nurses, emotional, opened the door and let her take a peek, they told her that they had never seen such a beautiful and calm and peaceful baby. There she was, wrapped up in a green sheet, with her hands intertwined as if she was praying, and she was sleeping quietly. The dad collapsed to the floor in tears and all the rest of the family were exploding with happiness. She finally met her mum, she was without breasts, without hair, without milk, but she was the most beautiful mum in the world.


We also finally found out her name, she was called Miriam, the true name of the Madonna.


Miriam grew in symbiosis with her mum, for Miriam it was nothing strange to visit hospital wards, witnessing her mum’s fevers and relapses, but never was a girl so peaceful, so joyful and full of life, an intelligence so fine and acute that in a little more than a year she had already learned the letters of the alphabet, the numbers, the colors and what surprised the teachers the most was her incredible creativity and perception of things. She knew when mum was feeling sick and she would want to go back home, and during mum’s last days of her life, when she could not even speak without costing her enormous effort, she would open her eyes and smile when Miriam would arrive, cuddling up in her little bed and caressing her face.


One night she got up suddenly, she turned the light on, she went to dad and woke him up, right after that the phone rang, mum called from the hospital, she wanted to speak to her. And when, exhausted, she reached her time to leave this earth, she spent hours in agony but without leaving yet, because she wanted to see her daughter one more time.


Every body was against doing this, to prevent that the little girl be traumatized, but this is not what happened, Miriam said goodbye to her, she played for a few minutes, and as soon as she left the clinic, mum passed away.


The day of the funeral Miriam was peaceful, for her it was a party, there were songs and applauses, then at one point she got up, and she went to kneel in front of the coffin, next to her mum’s head, and she started talking to her, until she got up with a sob, and said “it’s all good mum, from dad”.


The Mass stopped, everyone was astonished and moved, they were witnessing the power of God and of His infinite Love. But these episodes conditnued to happen, she would see her mum and Jesus, in fact she did not really suffer from traumas because she continued to see her, she wanted to play at the entrance because she would say that mum was seated at the entrance and was looking at her, or she would wake up in the morning saying that she slept the whole night embraced to her.


One day they gave her a doll as a gift, the doll was not that pretty to be honest, and the girl started crying and saying that mum did not like dolls, and she was correct; another time, she was in her aunt’s arms, she had a little fluffy toy with her, and as she looked at her aunt straight in the eyes, she told her “Aunt, it does not have pain anymore, it does not have pain anymore”… “Who has no pain anymore?” she asked, and the girl replied “Titti”! She had stopped putting band aids on her own knees, on her head, on her chest, and also stopped doing the same to her toy, and once again she was right, mum was no longer in pain.


This is the story of little Miriam, the girl who was not even supposed to be born, this is the beautiful fairy tale of my life, and when you ask yourselves what is the meaning of life, what is the meaning of suffering, read this fairy tale one more time, and you will understand that love overcomes every logic and every prediction.


We have one more light here on earth, and a new Angel protecting us.


Presences Of The Sky The Story of Miriam and Her Mother was the testimonial of Marianna, Miriam’s Aunt



Presences Of The Sky The Story of Miriam and Her Mother


Presences Of The Sky The Story of Miriam


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