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Angels Friends With Wings

Angels Friends With Wings And Coincidences Experiences


Angels Friends With Wings : my friends, I wanted to tell you of how our winged friends may come to our help in the form of coincidences., about two or three months ago, in the middle of the winter, I decided to change the windshield wipers of my car, I purchased the wipers, and I parked in a parking lot so I could install them, it may sound easy to do, but I can assure you that for a woman this was not the case at all, I asked myself, what if it had been raining right now? what would I do?, I was standing there for at least twenty minutes with these wipers in my hands, hoping that some guy would happen to drive by, someone who knew how to do this, but no such luck!


I started to think of my Angel, I knew that soon after that help would be on the way. Well, after half an hour, in which myself and the wipers were slowly becoming as one … here came a guy with his car, he stopped, we looked at each other as if were both asking from help from one another, and he asked me, with a worried ook, where on earth he was located. I explained that if he was looking for the customer parking he needed to leave the parking lot, turn around, etc etc. Then I asked him “You don’t happen to know how to install windshield wipers, do you?” He said yes.


Before he left, he said what I call the key phrase, the words that told me that this was not a pure coincidence … he said ‘Madam, would you believe me if I told me that I am still not sure why I even drove into this place? I was supposed to go straight, but then I decided to turn into this lot”.


I pretended to be surprised and I smiled guiltily …. what could I tell him? That my Guardian Angel told his Guardian Angel to help me and perhaps right there and then both Angels were there laughing their heads off?


Thank you Angels for all that you do for us, even if we mistake it for coincidences …


Angels Friends With Wings And Coincidences Experiences è la testimonianza di Rosy


Angels Friends With Wings And Coincidences Experiences


Angels Friends With Wings


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