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Clear Manifestations Of Affection From My Angel

Clear Manifestations Of Affection From My Angel


Both our Angel and also our loved ones in the Sky are close to us during moments that they know are of great pain and worry for us, and to demonstrate it to us they perform some “spectacular” gestures, like the one that Cinzia is about to share with us.


These gestures are very precious demonstrations of Love, they want to tell us that we are not alone during that very difficult moment in life, “The Sky is with you”, this is the meaning of the precious message that we receive …. and I will leave you with a big hug to Cinzia’s testimonial.


Hello Sara, just like many others who have written to you, I have had some very clear manifestations of affection from my Angel, I would like to share one with you.


The day the doctors told us that our sister had a tumor in her brain, I went back home feeling beside myself, I was very sad. It was a very cold day. Once I reached our family home I rang the bell to my house so that they could open the electric gate. The gate opened up, I entered my home and with my enormous surprise THERE WAS NOBODY at home, and so, who on earth opened the gate for me, if not my Angel?


During the day I also thought that it could have been my father, who died three years ago, he could have opened the gate …. they say that when we are living difficult moments like this they can be close to us. Is it true?


Bye sweet Sara,


Bye sweet little Angel,


Bye Dad,


Clear Manifestations Of Affection From My Angel was the testimonial of Cinzia


Clear Manifestations Of Affection From My Angel


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