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Angels Love In Taormina With My Angel

Angels Love In Taormina With My Angel Coincidences And Joy


Angels Love In Taormina With My Angel : dear Sara, here I am again, I really have to tell you what happened to me on the 14th of August, a spectacular day because my Angel was awesome; I live in Catania and for the holiday festivity of Ferragosto (mid August) I had organized a day to spend in Taormina Italy, with my girlfriends, I was so happy!


The day before, four of our friends cancelled on me with some absurd excuses. My two other friends and I however decided to go anyway, and so we booked our train tickets.


The day of departure, as I woke up I remembered I had not warned my friend that we were going to use my car to get to the train station, that we were not going to be dropped off at the station. Therefore, she was going to have to come to my house a little earlier, so that we would have sufficient time to park my car, since it’s impossible to find parking there.


I rush to contact her but I can not reach her. The departure was scheduled for 7:49 and at 7:20 we were still in our house …. considering that it takes 20 minutes just to get to the train station …. well, we were definitely late.


Once in the car I was a little anxious because I knew this was my fault, and since time can not be brought back, I asked my Angel to help me: “Angel, please make the train be late by 5 minutes, please help me”


At 7:46 we arrived and parked the car, a little far away form the station, we start to run, knowing that we only had 2 minutes, and in truth we had already lost our hopes ….


We arrive, and we see on the arrivals board that our train was 5 minutes late ….


You can not imagine my joy, my Angel came through


But this is not the end of it!


I had programmed all transportation connection times with the bus, so that we would reach the coast in the morning, and the historic downtown in the afternoon.


On the tourist website everything was laid out perfectly, however once we arrived there everything was not exactly as the website indicated …


When we arrived to our destination we headed for the bus stop, it was the only bus stop there and it seemed strange because it was a private bus company while the website said that it was a public transportation bus.


I asked at the information booth at the station but nobody could help me.


Once again I turned to my Angel to help me guide me where to go.


After waiting for an hour, as I looked around me, I noticed a bar, I went in to obtain some information.


Once I went inside, before I even said a work, the lady behind the counter told me: “To take the bus you have to take the ASM, which will take you to Taormina; I looked at her in shock … how did she know that I was not there to buy anything and that I just needed some information, exactly the kind of information she gave me …. so I asked her … but where is the bus stop for this bus? I only see the private bus stop here …. she said “No, you don’t need to take the private line, ASM is an orange bus, wait and it will come”. And she winked at me.


I leave, after exactly 10 minutes, here comes the bus!


We are ecstatic, we get on this bus, the driver is very kind and even tells us which stop we need to get off the bus … everything was going well.


At around three in the afternoon we went to visit downtown, very small, so by 5 pm we were already done with our tour.


We did not know if we should return to the station, or whether to stay there a little longer …. our train departed at 7:30 and, since we calculated it took about half an hour to get to the station, we still had a lot of spare time. While we were trying to make a decision, our bus stopped in front of us, we were still very much undecided, we watched it stop but we did not make a move, when we finally agreed to take it, the bus departed … so I thought, “it means we were not meant to take that bus”, however, just in that precise moment the bus stopped because there was a car that is blocking it’s way …. what a coincidence … so I asked the driver if it was still possible to get on the bus even if he was already past the bus stop, he replied “actually it’s not allowed, where are you trying to get to?”


I replied “to the station”


He thought that unless we got on his bus, our train would have left without us. So he agreed.


On our way to the station, there was a long line of cars, and a gentleman, while we waited, was telling us that the buses these days were not at all punctual because of the traffic, and that they day before the bus was an hour and a half late in getting to the train station ….


Therefore, without doubt, had we taken the following bus, we would have missed our train … I know for sure that our Angel contributed to help me through all of these coincidences … you just need to ask and he does not say no ….


I thank my Angel for the delayed train, for the lady in the bar who helped me with the information, thank you for the car that blocked the bus’ way … and thank you for having made our day perfect …. Thank you thank you from the heart.


I take the opportunity to remind everyone that we all have our Angel close to us …. ask and you shall receive …


A kiss to you Sara and thank you as always for your patience.



Angels Love In Taormina With My Angel Coincidences And Joy was the testimonial of Roberta


Angels Love In Taormina With My Angel Coincidences And Joy


Angels Love In Taormina With My Angel


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