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Protecting Angel Guardian Signs

Protecting Angel Guardian Signs Of Angels


Protecting Angel Guardian Signs : my sweet Sara, I want to tell you a sweet angelic testimonial, something that happened today, this morning was a fantastic day, I went down to the garage to take the car out, but it did not start; the right hand side back wheel was locked on a brake position, as if the emergency brake was engaged only on that wheel; I tried to drive in reverse, I double checked that the gears did work, and I pressed on the accelerator, I released the clutch and the car did not even move by an inch; so I stopped the engine all together.


A few moments later, I tried again to turn the engine on, and I tried to drive in reverse, I pushed the accelerator pedal a little harder and the car still did not budge; I stopped the engine for the second time. I checked if there was something that was somehow blocking the way under the wheels, or if the car was touching some part of the garage walls, but I could find nothing to explain this, sometimes I used pieces of stick to act as a stop for my car so that I am able to park the car just short of hitting the wall.


I checked the tires to see if there was a flat tire, then I checked to see if all the bolts were tightly in place, externally everything looked perfect. I could not find anything that could block the auto, everything was ok; I tried one more time to start the engine, disengaging the emergency brake, and drive in reverse, and, once again, I stopped the engine.


A few moments later I asked my Guardian Angel to help me fix this issue with the car because I could not understand what was wrong with it. A few moments later I started the engine again, I tried to engage it going back or forward, I even pressed a little more heavily on the accelerator, but the car was still not moving, I had no choice but to stop the engine again.


I thought I was going to have to call the car mechanic, I left the car and my parents showed up, standing behind the car to give me directives on how to move the car without hitting the side walls, they told me that they had heard a click coming from wheel gears, and they suggested I try one more time.


I climbed back into my car, I decided for the very last time to try to start the car and drive in reverse. All of a sudden the car jolted, and everything was running well. I prayed to my Angel once again that his help would keep coming at least for the duration of the trip, and I asked for the trip to go well, which it did: the trip was wonderful and we were able to run several errands in the city of Bari.


I believe that my sweet Guardian Angel helped me a lot today, I truly thank Him from the bottom of my heart.


A heartfelt hug of light to sweet Sara


Protecting Angel Guardian Signs Of Angels was the testimonial of Nicola


Protecting Angel Guardian Signs Of Angels


Protecting Angel Guardian Signs


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