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Angels Really Exist Our Angels

Angels Really Exist Our Angels Always Follow Us


Angels Really Exist Our Angels : good evening my friends, just a little comment to understand just how our Angels always follow us, I was alone with my little 8 year old girl, my husband was working in Germany, I worked in a nursing home that looked after the elderly, people with disabilities and people with various addictions ….


Every day it was a fight, both at my workplace and managing my daughter, in order never to leave her alone I would invent the most absurd activities, dance, volleyball, cinema, bowling, but all this brought me to be so enormously tired, and many times I could not even muster the strength to undress before going to sleep. And I would pray, pray my Angel to give me a hand to overcome all that I had to deal with, to have at least someone close to me to sustain me a little.


But I never got a response, and I started to fall into a state of depression ….


One Saturday afternoon, my daughter and I were going to the cinema, there was a little traffic and, as is my custom, I looked at the rearview mirror, I saw His face (I know who my Angel is) … at the first moment, in surprise, I pressed on the brakes, and then I realized that if I had not slowed down exatly when I did, I would have ended up just like the car right in front of me, completely destroyed, due to a reckless driver that decided to pass a line of cars at high speed.


We were safe, not even a scratch.


From that day on, I don’t even ask for help anymore with my being tired or with little daily things, but I do thank him every day for saving us.


Angels Really Exist Our Angels Always Follow Us was the testimonial of Patrizia


Angels Really Exist Our Angels Always Follow Us


Angels Really Exist Our Angels


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