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Feeling anger toward someone

Feeling anger toward someone my emotions


Feeling anger toward a person : dearest Sara Luce, I have been reading your wonderful and touching testimonials, let me introduce myself, my name is Francesca and I am 36 years old, I lost my mother when I was very young, I was two years old, she died of what people call an ‘ugly’ disease, I was raised by my maternal grandmother and my older sister; ever since I was little, I would dream about what would happen to me in the future, both good and bad, and I still have those dreams today, when I was little I would dream of Jesus, episodes from the Bible, I would get scared so I would describe all my dreams to my grandmother, one day she told me that what was happening to me was a wonderful thing, she said that God was close to me as well as people who had departed, in fact I did dream about my uncle talking to me after he had departed, as well as many other events; I have always been angry at my mother because I would tell her she had abandoned me too soon, I stayed angry at her until a few years ago; exactly five years ago I started my journey, it was in the summer, I went to visit my mother’s sister for two weeks; I wanted to see who looked more like my mother, me or her.


I felt good when I was there, I had flown for the first time, such an emotion, it was beautiful, once I arrived there I had a problem, she had a cat and I was terrified of cats, but I was too ashamed to confess it; to make a long story short, during the first night the cat jumped on my bed, I was terrified and hid under the covers, she started kneading with her paws on top of me, probably the most affectionate gesture a cat can display toward a stranger, I slept hiding under the covers, crying from fear, and the cat never left me; days later I ended up falling in love with her, and I promised myself “when I return home, since I am going to live by myself, I will get myself a nice cat”, and that’s what I did, I got a nice little kitten.


After six months my sister’s doctors discovered that she had a tumor, just at the time when I wanted to give my sister a little kitten as a gift, so they would keep each other company, but it was not possible, however, I did not have much spare time and I gave up on the idea, a few weeks later my sister had her surgery, a lady at the cat shelter called me, she was desperate, she told me that she knew I had been looking for another kitten, but she called because the actual mother of my own kitten was being given away in adoption because she was no longer able to get pregnant, and so they decided to offer her to me first.


I was perplexed, my first reaction was to say no, then a voice inside said that at least my little baby should be reunited with her mum, and so I accepted.


Desideria arrived at my home, this was her name, well, mother and daughter recognized themselves, they kiss each other and live in symbiosis, my sister fortunately did not need to follow her surgery with any chemotherapy, that cat is my mother, Sara, I am sure of it, in fact I call her that, I feel it, every since then I have not been feeling anger anymore, only a lot of joy.


Feeling anger toward someone my emotions are the words from Francesca


Feeling anger toward someone my emotions


Feeling anger toward someone


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