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Positive presences at home

Positive presences at home experiences of visions


Positive presences at home : hello Sara my name is Nadia, I would like to tell you about something that happened to me one night last week; I am a light sleeper, and yet I heard no noise, I perceived someone’s presence, I opened my eyes wide and I saw a lady, about fifty years old, sitting on the bed, with one hand leaning on my husband’s back, she whispered “I will protect you”; she turned her head slightly, she noticed that my eyes were open, and she disappeared.


The bedroom was dark, and yet I clearly saw the color of her clothes, and of her hair, she was wearing a little clip on the side, I was not afraid of her; I stayed there for a little while, wondering who she could be, but I could not think of any parents or friends that reminded me of her.


The following morning, I tried to tell my husband about it, but he is one of those people who does not believe in these things.


I already had many manifestations, but it was always scents, noises, objects not in their place, but this is the first time that I see someone I don’t know.


I send you a kiss,


Positive presences at home experiences of visions are the words from Nadia


Positive presences at home


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