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Meaning of Lilium scent

Meaning of sudden Lilium scent


Meaning of Lilium scent : I miss my mother and my husband very much, I always think about them, sometimes I find myself wishing I was dead also, so that I could see them again; I don’t know if someone let me understand that my husband is indeed close to me, but yesterday, as I opened the main door at my home facing the street, I was hit by an intense scent of lilium; it was so strong that I looked around to see if there was someone next to me with a bunch of liliums, or something like that, but there was nobody, nothing at all.


I lingered to take in more of that fragrance, then I closed the door again, once I reopened it again to leave, the scent had disappeared.


Meaning of sudden scent of Lilium are the words from Maria Grazia


Meaning of sudden scent of lilium


Meaning of Lilium scent


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